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Why He’s Yet To Propose

Hello there. Trust the week has been awesome thus far. Our #SocialFeature for the week is from the witty Olaoluwa popularly known on Facebook as Ogbeni LA. I got this piece from him last year, but somehow didn’t find the right moment to put it up until now. I like to think it’s a good time, and a lot of us can learn from it. The piece speaks to ladies and their relationship with their boyfriends; it explores several reasons why he’s yet to propose.

Before you go on, I’d like to advise that you read this like it’s your long term boyfriend writing a letter to you about why he’s yet to propose, forget about everything else, picture yourself in it and take the important lessons from it. Enjoy.


This list you’re about to read was carefully titled so. I could have settled for the usual “5 or 10 reasons you’re still unmarried”, but wouldn’t that be cliché? I don’t know why you’re unmarried and I don’t want to pretend to the contrary. But I do know why I wouldn’t propose to a lady. And I’m in a mood to share with you.


Now before I highlight my reasons, let me acknowledge aforehand the soup this particular post is going to land my arse. I have many unmarried females as friends. It is not unlikely that a few of them shall come about this article and promptly conclude I’ve aimed at them.

It is on the account of this few that I shall begin my five reasons.


1.  Inferiority Complex

Whatever might be going on in your head to conclude this post is about you is perhaps what I noticed and has made me cautious in taking us to the next level. You have complex dear. An inferiority complex. I can not deal. People with inferiority complex are perhaps the most difficult set of people to put up with. I love to entertain the thought that we all have a varying degree of inferiority complex. But a woman or a man suffering from a chronic case is unbearable. I don’t want to tone down my success to make you feel good about yourself. I won’t sign up for that for life. Never!


2.  It is all about you.

In words and deeds, it is all about you. In your head, the world revolves around you. You prattle endlessly about your successful friends, your demanding job, your acned face, your whims, your caprice, your vanities. Have you any idea how tedious I find your company? You’re the most self-conceited human. The gentleman in me might seldom complain. Perhaps because I know I am not going to spend the rest of my life drowning in your tiresome twaddle.

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3.  You’re a bore.

Beside me, it is doubtful if you have a life. you’re annoyingly clingy and needy. Sometimes I wonder what you’ve been doing before our path crossed. You can’t do without me. I don’t want such frightening dependence. Rather, I want someone that has a life outside me; a woman that has discovered her purpose in life. I can’t be your purpose in life. I have a doubt the kind of a lax mother you will be to my children. Until I am sure you can handle yourself in my absence, I am not going to feel positive about transforming this date to courtship.


4.  You’re inflexible.

It is as if you’re cast in stone. I know we had so so plans. But I also know you know the circumstances that informed those plans are no longer there. Sometimes I wonder if you derive some sort of indescribable pleasure from being obstinate. You only want to do it the way it was done in your home while growing up. It doesn’t matter that time have since changed. You make no effort to evolve. How can I enjoy a lifetime voyage with you when I’m as open hearted a sanguine as they come?


5. Now who needs a fifth reason when you’re guilty of the above?


–  As written by Ogbeni LA


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