Woman fakes her own death to avoid a date

We’ve all been there – you meet someone online or on a night out that just will NOT leave you alone, so what do you do? You tell a little white lie – I have partner , I need to go home to feed my pet turtles etc etc. However, we doubt you’ve ever gone quite as far as this woman! We certainly haven’t, anyway…

Anna Gray actually faked her own DEATH to avoid going out on a date with a creepy guy that she met online. The Mirror came across Gray’s epic story when they were doing a recent dating feature and the messages sent to this guy are pretty amazing. By the way this guy was acting, you’d think that Anna had been dating him for years. However, the truth is – they’d just been out several times, before she then realised that she clearly wasn’t as into the romance as he was.

Saved in her phone as ‘bad date’, the guy is told that Anna had been taken into hospital with a “serious illness” and that she wouldn’t be around for a while. However, he then replied saying that he’d immediately come to the ward to visit. You think that’s awkward? It gets worse.

When Anna then text back saying that they were only allowing family in, he then said that he’d took it upon himself to actually drive to the hospital, where he was waiting outside to see the love of his life. However, little did he know, she was probably just sat at home in her PJs.

Recognising that he eventually would never give up. Like, ever, Anna then took things to the absolute extreme and text: “I am really sorry to tell you but we lost her last night.” OUCH.

He would still be none the wiser – however, Anna decided that she’d rise from the dead a couple of months later and send out some more messages on the dating site – and, you can guess who spotted her, can’t you?

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After receiving a few mean messages (nothing as harsh as hers though, we imagine), she’s since been able to make him get out of her life once and for all and Anna’s now engaged to be married and definitely not dead.


Check out the extremely cringeworthy but absolutely hilarious messages below:




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