WIZKID in colleagues’ Bad Books

It’s not pleasant times for Wizkid as he is getting hot shots thrown at him from different angles these days.

He is not in Saeon’s good books right now. The Oyo State-born pop diva is currently unhappy with Wizkid.

The singer, who has a song titled ‘Boogie down’ featuring Wizkid paid Wizkid a whopping sum of N1.5million to get him on the song and video.

Despite the money paid however, she’s pissed with the fact that Wizkid didn’t acknowledge her by posting something about the song on his timeline and also did not retweet when she tweeted at him.

Saeon shared a picture on her Instagram handle that reads: ‘Folks be like I never charge artistes for features, but I’m 1.5m short and I couldn’t even get a retweet, anyway it’s turn by turn’.

NET reports that Saeon declined to
comment on the issue saying: ‘It’s sad but I’ll rather not talk about it’.

Sources from Saeon’s camp also revealed to NET that ‘Wizkid has not been responding well to Saeon, he
doesn’t even pick her calls and she’s really angry about it despite all the money he was paid for the song.’

In the same vein, Music producer ‘Samklef’ has officially parted ways with Wizkid, putting an end to a relationship spanning almost half a decade.

In an interview with Linda Ikeji, Samklef was quoted to have said: ‘I’m not happy with Wizkid.

I like his music, but I don’t like him as a person anymore. The reason I don’t like him anymore is, why do you go about spoiling other people’s business? I never spoiled your business, never came out to say anything bad about you for four years. So why would you go to an OAP and tell the OAP that the reason why you no longer work with me is because my beat is amateur. What does that mean? Those amateur beats was what
brought you to limelight, was what made you meet the same Akon who first dropped ‘Don’t dull’ on your voice’.

Samklef went on to say ‘I’m doing fine without Wizkid. I don’t want to say I regret working with him but I’m thanking God that we are all alive.
But ask him, the people you are going to feature in America, if they were like you, would you meet them? ‘I wish him luck. I don’t regret working
with his talent, I only regret working with his person. His fame took him away. He forgot where he was coming from. His person is very disgusting. There’s something we call the grace
of God. Before Wizkid got to where he is today, somebody gave him a front line, somebody introduced him. He didn’t just come from anywhere.’

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In the last two years, both stars have not worked together on any song and
Samklef affirmed his stance on Wizkid to NET, saying:

‘My brother, that guy is ungrateful, how can he be spoiling my name when I’ve done nothing wrong to him’.

Is there any explanation why wizkid is falling apart with people in the industry?

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