Will Chris Brown get married before facing jail term?

Chris Brown may only have a few weeks left of freedom after his probation was revoked following his recent performance in San Jose where five people were hospitalized when shots were fired in the crowd after a fight broke out. While the disturbance was nothing to do with Chris personally, he didn’t have permission to leave LA to perform at the gig which means he now faces a court date to decide if he should be carted off to the big house – for as long as four years.


So naturally the chart-topping singer wants to make the most of his time as a free man and on/off girlfriend Karrueche Tran is hoping to stick by her mans side as he struggles through yet another difficult time and make sure she helps him through it, reportedly doing whatever it takes to try and help him stay strong.

The 25-year-old New Flame singer is said to be terrified about what might happen if he is found guilty of violating his probation by the court when he attends trial in March. But despite their past differences Karrueche has stepped up to the mark to show her love for him. It’s even thought the pair will get married before spring so that if he does get jail time they both feel their relationship is totally secure.

According to a Hollywoodlife source: “She’s loving him. She’s loving him mentally, physically and emotionally. What they have is true love and it will defeat whatever outcome happens. This is serious business and Chris feels it. He feels like he’s been doing everything — absolutely everything — to win favor in the courts. He’s been doing the community service, he’s been keeping his nose clean, and he even stopped playing music in dangerous places, but now this happened. He’s lost.”

Chris will appear in court for his hearing on March 20.


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