WICKED: Man superglues wife’s vagina for cheating!

Only God knows what would go down if we found out our girlfriend has been cheating, but we can tell you with absolute certainty it wouldn’t be this. One husband lost his shiz when he thought his wife had been cheating and chose one of the most horrendous methods to get his revenge. He superglued her vagina! WTH!

 The jealous husband accused his 40-year-old wife of sleeping with her own uncle, which is pretty darn cray to the cray. According to the burned victim, it all came totally out of the blue and her recollection of the incident is mental. Just to warn you, her account of the incident is very disturbing.

The victim, who cannot be named, told News 24 that her husband was an “abusive man” who flipped after her uncle dropped her off at their home in Mpumalange, South Africa. Holding her at knife point, she recalls: “He ordered me to lie down and open my legs and then took out super-glue and applied it to my vagina. I had tears streaming down my face and was begging him to stop but he didn’t care.”

The said woman has now been scarred for life after removing the glue herself. She’ll never be able to have sex again and says is he’s in agony every time she goes for a wee. And has to live with the traumatic memories of being married and burned by a complete nutter. Oh, did I also mention the part that he tried to chop her hand off?

“I wanted to press charges,” she says. “But he fled and has not been seen since. I am scared he might come back at any time and cut off my head.”

Poor thing!

Jealousy is a very bad spirit in any relationship or marriage, what it causes people to do can be damaging beyond repair, just as in the case of this woman.

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Let’s just hope this woman gets the justice she so bloody deserves. The issue is not whether she was cheating, it is now about the inhuman act of her husband.


What’s your thought about this?

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