Why many ladies will remain unmarried

Why many ladies will remain unmarried, even if they wanted to

Our social media scouts have landed us at the feet of AYOBAMI OGEDENGBE and he has a message for all and sundry about why many ladies will remain unmarried, why many more may be embracing the ‘Miss Independent’ group, or why there are ladies going over 35, and still waiting for the right man.  Read what he has to say below.


But na lie, there is a list we must bring. A girl can tell you I am not after your money, that’s true, but the “eru iyawo” (bride price) is enough money to scare a young man who has reached the age of marriage. At least an average Nigerian wedding will collect 500, 000 Naira from you.

Honestly babe, you think if I have 500, 000 Naira now the next thing I want to think about is marriage and spending it all in one day? you must be joking. Even if your parents are willing to sponsor it such that I won’t spend one Naira (an offer which I won’t take anyways), tell them to bring the 1 million Naira, we will go to court and just sign the dotted lines, we will go to your pastor’s house on Tuesday with 2 witnesses (your friend and my friend) and we will kneel and he will pray for us.

We don’t need suit, we don’t need wedding gown, we could do all those things in our casuals. Sweetheart all of that is not going to cost up to Fifty Thousand Naira. we can do a good business with 950, 000 Naira and by the time we are 5 years into the marriage our business investment has yielded so much, then we can call our friends and family to come and celebrate 5 years wedding anniversary, we can buy the wedding gown, the suit and fix the Dubai honeymoon then sef.

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But for now you just need to know that “no be say I hate you or I no get you for mind, hustle ni o easy”
Meaning, it’s not like i hate you or don’t have you in mind but the hustling is not easy.

I am speaking the mind of your boyfriend that has refused to ask the REAL question, I am speaking the mind of brothers who are admiring a girl from a far off but know the number rule of relationship, no finance, no romance and as such back down from even asking her on a date because even the money for transport and food in KFC sef, na die.

Why many ladies will remain unmarried

Typical attitude of a lady that doesn’t want to listen to the truth.

So ladies, if you can actually talk to your parents and talk to your boyfriends and talk to you friends and just repent (change your mind) about the paradigm of wedding and just follow my simple advice up here, you will be married by the end of 2016.

There is no demon holding down, the street is military, boys are not smiling. We are scared! money no dey! The problem is that our ladies won’t listen, that’s why many ladies will remain unmarried, even if they wanted to.

My thoughts, just laugh!

– Ayobami Ogedengbe 

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