Beautiful Women Are Single

Why many handsome men and beautiful women are single

A recent survey showed that the first thing men usually look out for in a beautiful woman is her fourth finger. This is because there seems to be some default assumption among men that a woman cannot be good looking and be single. Ironically, this assumption is actually why many beautiful women are single!

The illogical assumption also contributes to why only the bad (bold, adventurous, daring players and fuck boys) guys get the most beautiful ones. The really good men are a bit too methodical, too scared and easily zoned. This is because they refuse to be a bit more daring with their desires. On surface, it looks like it is the guys who really lose out, but in reality, it is the women. A beautiful woman deserve the best of men, not fuck boys and players! But if a good man is not forthcoming, the door would remain to be opened by the other guys who are daring enough to open.

To get things from a clearer perspective, a beautiful friend of mine, Chukwurah Juliet once wrote:

“Most beautiful women remain single because most of these good men assume they are already taken, require too much care and maintenance, and because they feel the beautiful women might reject them.”

Sounds valid, doesn’t it? I think a lot of good calm guys think things too much. They analyze and waste a lot precious time getting to figure what to do. Some are scared of the cost of maintaining a girl as beautiful as the one they desire. They think she would demand so much from them. Others are so timid, they fear rejection. Yes, getting a NO can be ego bashing, but then you have to keep trying. That is what differentiates a player from the good guys. The former takes a NO with a smile and a punchline that might swing things in his favour. The latter takes NO as an order to ‘get out and never return’.

We need to start changing the narratives for the really good guys out there!

Juliet expanded on her earlier submission by saying, “Heads turn when a gorgeous woman walks by. It’s a fact of life. Men can be intimidated by the prospect of too much competition from other suitors. Men and women are reluctant to go after someone they think is exceptional. To many people, it’s not worth the risk of facing the possibility of being turned down by someone you have always dreamed about. For this reason, some men prefer a woman who is pretty but not a knockout. The thought of competing and trying to measure up to other men makes them play it safe. This is why most beautiful women are SINGLE…”

In many ways, this is true, but it is not exclusive to women alone. Men also have their fair share of this problem, although in a different way. A lot of ladies wrongly assume that a very handsome guy is a player by default. Hence, they refuse to pursue anything serious with him. They are scared of all attention he might be getting from other girls, and in order not to be caught in the web, they rather leave him for someone they can ‘manage’. This is up for debate, but it is a function of stories I have heard and things I have witnessed myself.

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My advice will be, “make that move and quit making assumptions!” 

It makes no sense really. Until you find out for yourself, you do not know what you do not know.

Until we change the narratives, only the ‘BAD’ (Bold, Adventurous & Daring) guys will continue to get the prettiest ones because they have the swagger to make their heads turn.

Timidity is not a good thing o. Get yourself a good dose of boldness and stop losing out on beautiful, wonderful creatures of God. Let me reiterate it one more time – beautiful women are single; go for one today!

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