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Why my long-distance relationship is just perfect!

Long-distance relationships can be arduous and exhausting, but it can also be perfect for you! Today’s article is drawn from the personal experience of one of our readers from Australia. In this account, she states some of the benefits of long-distance relationship, and how everyone who’s currently in that kind of relationship can enjoy it without crumbling under pressure.

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When people find out that I’m in a long-distance relationship, most ask why I would ever do that.

They ask if it’s hard, or if I miss him, but the most annoying question is if I trust him. Of course I answer yes to all of these.

Yes, it’s hard being away from the guy who makes me happiest. Yes, I miss him every second of every minute of every hour of every day. Most importantly, though, yes, I do trust him.

Trust is important in every relationship, whether you live with your significant other, hundreds of miles apart or just down the street from one another. If I didn’t trust him, I wouldn’t be with him.

I have to trust he’ll be on his best behavior when he goes out. I have to trust he won’t forget about his sweet, loving girlfriend even if he doesn’t see her for months at a time. I have to trust he will love me through all the obstacles we will face as a couple, and I have to trust that he trusts me to do the same.

When asked how we make it work being so far apart, the answer is simple. We live in a time where modern technology is booming. My boyfriend may be 200 miles away, but he’s also only a Skype call, text or phone call away.

Seeing his face every night before I go to bed is bittersweet. It’s nice that I get to see him in any medium, but when I want that hug before bed and all I can hug is a laptop, it feels a little weird.

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The little things are what make the distance worth it. When I do get to see him, he always wears his old hoodie he gave me so when I go back to school, it smells like him. I also gave him a diary with notes on the inside so if he is feeling sad, all he has to do is open the diary to find an “I love you” note.

When people want to poke fun or question why I bother with a long-distance relationship at a young age, I tell them that love, trust and strength has made the best relationship I could have asked for. No, I don’t get to see him as often as I would like, but I would rather see him once every few weeks than waste my time on someone who lives near me, and most probably gets me distracted from pursing life goals.

Plus, our limited time together is much more special than if we were to see each other every day.


Sarah T.

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  1. I enjoy mine as well! We keep spicing up our relationship thanks to the happycoupleapp 🙂

  2. Long distance relationship has always worked best for me. Some times, I hear stuff like ‘you don’t even know what he’s doing’, I just smile cos I know his daily routine like we are in the same town

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