Why do ladies love bad guys?

Why do ladies love BAD GUYS?

It’s just a simple question, but it’s not that simple.

“Why do ladies love bad guys?”

You know what I mean by ‘bad’ guys. Some gentle men complain that some ladies prefer ‘bad’ guys over them.

So, what’s the explanations for ladies’ preference for the so-called bad guys? I’ve seen some instances actually. So it’s not abstract.

What ya think?


Why do ladies love bad guys?


Olumide Lawrence

Good guys aint no fun, bad guys ain’t no good.” – This tells us that our ladies want to have fun while dating. They may however change to the good guys when they are ready to marry.

Toye Atobatele

Communication Skills is why ladies love bad guys! Some bad guys know how to make their intention known to ladies, while the gentle guys shy away from communication. I think good communication skills is what everyone needs to learn… it helps one to get attention and show your worth to others.”

Olushola Fapohunda

Foolishness and the craving for adventure is the reason ladies love bad guys”  

Ayobami Ogedengbe replies:

they are not looking for adventure, the ladies don’t naturally go out looking for bad guys, in this case i would say “real men”, they just find out that they are already in what they call love with him. You know why? The guy knows how to turn them on. It’s all about turn on. Ladies are naturally wired to be turned on by a blend of gentility and subtle hostility not in the negative, but authority and power in a man has a way of bringing out the lady in a lady! You gotta be a king men and be on top of your game! you need to be balling!!!”

Matthew Tope David

It’s simple to figure why ladies love bad guys. These “Bad guys” are usually mysterious in a way, unpredictable. Spontaneity, if you will.  And I’ll also like to point out that, ladies like being (naturally) dominated, sweet-talked & basically anything that makes them “want” a man. So-called “bad guys” supposedly do this well in all ramifications. Gentlemen, on the other hand, are presumably (to the ladies anyway) believed to rarely have all the “packages” in them.”

Ebenezer Diyaolu

Ladies love bad guys because like attracts like. You will naturally gravitate towards your kind. ‘Bad’ ladies love ‘bad’ guys. And good ladies love good guys. We call it the law of attraction.

Olumide Lawrence replies:

What you stated is THEORY sir. In the PRACTICAL world of reality, Bad Guys always have the good girls. What we however can not explain is how those good girls ended up with the bad guys. Whether you are spiritual or not, ladies like action, activity, adventure, and that’s what majority of these bad guys offer. The ‘good guys’ mysteriously believe LOVE is enough to keep a woman happy. Bad guys know about other things like FUN, CARE, MONEY, MEMORIES… our good guys need to learn these things too. 

You may want to ask, WHO IS A BAD GUY? Actually, any guy can be a bad guy. The word there is the BAD. What constitutes the bad is the nature of things you do. These guys like to party, to have fun, they are outgoing and influential. When they party, they drink and some smoke. They get high and misbehave. This is one of the reasons they are socially termed ‘BAD’.

Furthermore, these guys have money, or know how to spend money. They are not stingy, they care for ladies with their money. More often than not, they are good looking and fashionable too. The combination of all these makes them likable and the desire of every pretty lady. These ladies flaunt themselves around the guys, and since the guy is ‘generous’ and lacks self control in some quarters, things happen and he cheats, and cheats again till he becomes a serial cheat. This is another reason he is called ‘BAD’.

Again, these guys go about with a lot of confidence and a sense of security, which is one thing a lady would love to see in her man. But what’s even amazing about them is that despite the tough outlook they carry, they can be very soft with ladies. This makes a lady’s head spin, gosh!. However, these kind of guys tend to get bored with a relationship quickly, and seek new adventures (we all do, except you ain’t human) and instead of working it out to rediscover their passion, they simply walk away leaving their victim – the lady – with a heartbreak.

This is why they are called BAD. Now tell me, if a GOOD guy has all the sweet qualities of a bad guy, and shies away from the negatives, won’t this world be a better place for our ladies…and the rest of us?

Ayobami Ogedengbe replies yet:

 haaaa… you guys are already twisting the word “bad” as it is commonly used o. Smoking and Drinking does not connote you are bad o. And let me tell you very few drunkards and smokers get the good girls.

The “Bad” we are talking about here is deep abeg! smoking and drinking na bad? iro nla… I have a deep smoker who finds it hard to get “laid” except with some “loose girls” and i have another friend who ladies are “begging” for marriage right now, he doesn’t smoke, he doesn’t drink. But he’s a sharp guy, he has the flows and the little “cruelty” not to send them! You people would not understand, girls have buttons, it is called “mumu button” in short all humans have it, and the “bad guys” here are adventurous enough to know what these buttons are….

Ruthlessly honest and very little diplomacy. caring all the same. They make the best home! believe that!!!

Tosin Ajayi

Bad’ guys exude a lot of confidence and aren’t afraid of expressing themselves or going after their desires…..qualities that ladies find difficult to resist. They are usually not hesitant, though occasionally blunt. Somehow they command respect and awe from people especially ladies. The attraction to ‘Bad’ guys is quite serious that some ladies desire that their men would be godly but still have certain ‘Bad’ guy traits…”

Ayobami Ogedengbe

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You know what they say about a “very good bad guy”… That’s the perfect blend. A woman is wired to look for a symbol of authority on her, this is why if she senses any trace of “weakness” which most often than not is displayed by the “Mr Nice Guys”, they back off.

The people you call “bad guys” on the other end of the line have a reasonable amount of testosterone flowing in their system and are not necessarily armed robbers or cultists, but they’ve got their swags on, they are street smart, able to keep conversation flowing and not just talking about books, books, bible, bible, books, books all the time. They know how to conjure trips for the girl, giving her some eye opening into “street matters”, and they also know how to put a lady in her place. This is what majority of women are looking for.

They are looking for a crown, A man they can be sure could tell another woman or man off, she wants to feel secured and protected and not until the guy has a gun or knows how to kill before a lady senses that a guy can protect her. She’s not looking for a child, she’s looking for a MAN.

So the bad guy that is commonly referred to which I believe Mabel is talking about here is a guy who can Be both a Lion, and a Lamb effectively. I can pet a lady and make her feel like she’s she best thing that ever happened to the world after Jesus Christ and me, I can also tell her to “gerrarahie”.

Even in the Animal Kingdom, there is “wrestling” before mating and the female animal will ONLY allow mating from the winner, every other suitors can like to “gerrarahie”… what do you like? A “bolo” or “igboro”???

Chykah Bro

“Ladies love bad guys because, just like guys, they also like to conquer. Ladies think it would be nice if a bad boy is good only for them.”


Now up to you readers, what’s your opinion? Why do you think ladies love bad guys?

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