who should love more in a relationship

Who should love more in a relationship; the man or the woman?

The question of who should love more in a relationship is one that will always divide opinion. Ask a newly married person, and they will likely tell you they are more in love with their better half. However, if you ask an older couple, you might get a totally different answer due to experiences they may have gathered over the years. Still, the question lingers without an affirmative answer, and we are still looking for it.

Yesterday, I was scrolling through my timeline on Facebook when I stumbled upon a post by a blogger friend, Esther Adeniyi, who touched on this same topic. What interested me more was the quality of interaction and wisdom shared on that post, and that is what I have come to share with you. Hopefully, you can read, learn and have something of your own to share on the question of who should love more in a relationship; is it the man or the woman.

Here is how it all went down.

According to Esther Adeniyi, in her main post;

Some people say it’s better for the man to love the woman more than for the woman to love the man more. They say that in future, if it’s the woman loving more, she will keep running after the man, fighting for the marriage etc. Any opinions about this belief? What do you think?

Below are some of the very interesting responses we gathered on the above question.

Okpo Romanus

I believe it should be 50-50. This is because such a balance will create a harmony of spirit, or rather, in spirit that will play melodiously the symphony of love in an alluring tone.

Victor Babatunde

Love shouldn’t be gender selective; it’s more comely for the duo to profess their love for each other unconditionally. Whatever makes one person to exude love more than the other may threaten the elastic love limit of the one who chooses to make his/her love more pronounced as we all have a breaking point. However, it’s proven that women tend to love more than the men and this isn’t far-fetched because they play a very vital role in perpetuation of offsprings…

GlowVille Olumide Lawrence

Is there actually a way to quantify who loves who more? When there is love in its real sense, you won’t have to worry about who is keeping the race alive or fighting for the marriage. It just flows from one to the other.

Solomon Buchi Bartholomew

That’s a very wrong perspective. Nobody is to love more or less. True love is without measure. How do people have to restrict themselves because they want to love less biko? That’s no love.

Ropo Olawumi

Since he is the head, he needs to love her more…experiences have shown that men take women who love them more for granted.Baby husbands also abound more and more in our world today.I believe the husbands should love their wives more.They should pamper and spoil them with love afterall they are weaker vessels.

Olubunmi Mabel

There should be mutual love and mutual motivation to make things work. However, men are naturally selfish. Loving usually comes naturally to women.  So I’d rather a man love me more o. I cannot be chasing a man upandan and forcing him to make it work.

Felix O Sylvanus

By nature, men love more. It’s the nature of man to love while she responses to it. It is what he gives that she response to.  When the woman pick up that role, chances are that he will take her for granted.  Who should love more? I do not know. All I know is that it’s inherent in man to love her, pamper her and love her the way sun loves the flower.


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Over to you. Do you agree with some of the views above? Do you have anything to add? Do you have a totally different perspective to this issue? Do not hesitate to share with us in  the comments box below.

Thanks for reading.

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