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Who or what is a wife material?

The Wife material is one of the most sought species of women in modern Nigeria and I wonder why. Guys are damning other ladies in search of this species, women are losing themselves to it and parents are grooming their daughters to become of this species. But what is the fuss all about? Who or what is a wife material? 

Andrew my friend is 38 and single. He is seriously searching but he is also seriously jonzing. He is his own problem because he is looking for a wife material and won’t stop till he finds one.

Temisan my neighbour is 24, beautiful and courteous, but she is also very insecure. She doesn’t like going out with friends, she doesn’t wear certain type of clothes, doesn’t see certain types of movies; she is keeping herself, because she sees herself as a wife material.

I still wonder how Andrew and Temisan haven’t met each other, or why I haven’t just introduced one to the other, afterall it’s a classic case of the one who’s searching and the one who’s keeping herself for the special one. I am not evil, but I know their relationship will fail within the first month if it ever happens. hehehe. You want to ask me why? Well, the answer is not far fetched…it takes more than being a wife material to get married!

The craze about wife material is everywhere and it got me wondering if there is really a lady who is a wife material. I asked a few guys what their idea of a wife material is, and based on their answers I realized that three things were common: A lady that can cook, that is respectful and can have good sex!

Now tell me, if this is all there is to wife material, how come Andrew hasn’t found one? How come Temisan hasn’t been found? At least, 65% of ladies can do at least two of the three listed qualities. How do we explain the dearth of wife materials then?

The real truth is that there is no standard wife material anywhere. The definition of a wife material depends on who the finder (the searching guy) is. A man is bound to look for his own preferences in a woman, and his preference can not be the general preference. A guy who likes to drink is likely to believe that a lady who wouldn’t condemn drinking is his own idea of a wife material; that may not be the case with the guy who doesn’t even touch alcohol.

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Some ladies cannot boil water, yet they are happily married! This disproves the idea that a standard wife material should know how to cook. I have also met tough, saucy and highly disrespectful women living with their husband for as long as possible without a public show of shame to discredit their happy marriage; this again shows that some men are out there who can tame these women, no matter how wild they may be.

If you were to meet any of the women I have used as examples on a good day, you will easily write them off and continue on your endless search for the perfect angel like Andrew is doing…bros, na there you go old o!

If your own problem na food, let me tell you…there are girls that can cook all the dishes in the world, but they are either single or living in a hellish kind of marriage with their husbands.

Without wasting further time on this, the point is that there is really no such thing as wife material. You are allowed to have your preferences for the kind of woman you’d like to marry, but carrying an idea that there are perfect women who are wife materials out there will turn you to a Methuselah like Brother Andrew.

My sisters, stop living in denial and faking up and down just to please men. Be yourself and let the one who will appreciate you for who you are find you. Parents also should teach their children, daughter’s especially about what matters to be a good wife, without drumming a vain idea of wife material into their heads.


Err…in case my sermon is not powerful enough to break through your thick skull, I am selling wife material ooo…N1million per yard with gele. Order for yours now.


I am still SILICON


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  1. I think I would need like erm… 5yards!. Lol. Well written

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