Bobrisky's bae

Who is Bobrisky’s Bae?

One of the biggest mysteries in the Nigerian Social Media Circle today is associated with the popular Bobrisky who has been flaunting wads of cash, and claiming it is from ‘Bae’. The identity of this ‘Bae’ remains a mystery to all and sundry. Let’s see if this article gets us closer to demystifying Bobrisky’s Bae.

It’s almost certain that the name ‘Bobrisky’ is not coming new to you, except you have spent the last two months in a remote village where there is no internet connection, power, and you have been cut out from every form of information whatsoever. Nonetheless, for those in that unfortunate category, we can’t take you on the journey of finding Bobrisky’s bae without first telling you who he is.

Idris Okuneye Olanrewaju, popularly known as Bobrisky is a cross-dresser who has been nicknamed the Male Barbie of Snapchat. According to certain blogs, he is the most popular Nigerian on the social media app. He is male, but acts and dresses predominantly as female.

Bobrisky is 23 years old, and an accounting graduate from the University of Lagos. He is also a fashionista who is known to love chatting dirty and posting raunchy images online.

Bobrisky's bae

He has been likened with Denrele and Bisi Alimi – popular Nigerian Gay Right Activist. But it appears Bobrisky is in a world of his own. He possesses a charming tone and very flashy complexion which sets him apart and coupled with his knack for cross-dressing, that puts him in the spotlight as gay – something he continues to deny.

Interestingly, Bobrisky is a business person. He sells whitening cream at popular malls in Lagos and he is said to be in serious competition with Dencia’s Whitenicous Cream because of the way his own cream works; as evident in the way his complexion has drastically changed over a short period.

He is constantly trending on Snapchat and rakes up to 22,000 views daily basically because he keeps talking about his ‘Bae’ and fans all over the nation are eager to find out who Bobrisky’s bae is.



According to Bobrisky, his bae is Africa’s fourth richest person (are you taking notes), and has promised to buy him a house next to Linda Ikeji‘s at Banana Island. This bae also allegedly gave him N7million Naira and a Benz as dash.

From the way he speaks, there are several indications that his mystery bae is male, but Bobrisky continues to deny that HE IS GAY. If we are to believe him, then it is right to say he has a SUGAR MUMMY. But who dresses like a girl to impress a Sugar Mummy?

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What kind of Sugar Mummy would be interested or turned on by a guy who acts and dresses like a woman, and even lavishes gifts and money on him looking that way?


There is another school of thought – ridiculous but may be true – which says that Bobrisky is just a material for publicity stunt.

According to this school of thought, it is no coincidence that he is the most popular Nigerian on Snapchat. It is known that Social Media Platforms depend on celebrities and influential people in the society to promote their own popularity. Bobrisky may just be a new curve in that line, used to drag people to the platform every now and then. This way, his mystery bae is Snapchat (or a Nigerian Snapchat representative).


There is another conspiracy theory which points directly at Bobrisky’s whitening cream. A section of people thinks he is either pulling the stunt for publicity of his cream, or he is being used as a ‘cheap’ brand ambassador by the unidentified producers of the cream to promote the sales. As such, these producers may be the much hyped ‘Bae’.

If you ask me, I will just say I am as confused as you are, but curiosity no gree me rest. The search for ‘Bae’ continues, and I am sure we (you and I) will not rest until we find it. Abi? No be for this same social media we dey together?

You dey find am, me sef dey find am, if una see, abeg halla me.

Thank you.


I am SILICON, scribbling for GLOWVILLE

To know more Bobrisky and his bae, please hear from him directly.



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