when your man cheats

When your man cheats on you

It’s another Thursday, and we are looking at the Social Media to get some relationship tips, wisdom and opinion from thought leaders. This week, we have brought Nsikak Effiong. She is popular among folks who use Facebook well, and well renowned for her controversial stance to a lot of matters. Today, she has decided to voice her opinion about what you ladies should do when your man cheats on you.

Cheating is a popular topic in climes where relationship issues are discussed. A lot of people believe that men get away with cheating because the society makes it possible. Women are not favoured and thus, they are bound to suffer when they cheat and suffer again when their man cheats. But someone has decided to look at this from a new angle, which might make us have a rethink. This is Nsikak, saying what she thinks is proper to do when your man cheats on you.


I don’t know how some of you women do it.
How do you cope and continue with a man after he cheats on you?

Please tell me.

Yes, they say when men cheat, there are no emotions attached.
But I just want to know how a woman knowing her man penetrated someone, and still continues being with him.
What about those that end up falling in love with the women they slept with? And eventually date the woman?

To the best of my knowledge, when a man cheats on you with another woman,
It SOMETIMES means he considers her better than you.
How do you cope?

Won’t it affect your self-esteem?
Think about it.
A woman tries her best to make her man happy.
She does domestic chores (if it’s important to the man)
She dresses provocatively,
She never nags,
She’s supportive
She’s respectful.
Oh! she gives me how and when he wants it.

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But Oga still slides his manhood inside another female.
How do you know this and yet you don’t break down?
How do you put up appearances and kneel down for prayers to stop a man who is clearly enjoying maximum orgasm? What will the prayers do?

How do you cope women?
How do you forgive such a man?
You still cook, dress sexy and give him more sex because you can’t leave?

I’d feel terribly bad if I’m being cheated on.
I won’t even think twice, I’d walk away.
I know I can’t survive it.
I’ve seen women whose husbands are dogs. Yet, they come on Facebook to still praise him.
How come you haven’t been tempted to kill him in his sleep?

How do you feel knowing another woman is better than you? Especially when you know you are better.


And when a woman cheats, a man knows he deserves better. He dumps you and move on. Why can’t you do same?




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