marry an Ekiti man

What to expect when you date or marry an Ekiti man

Have you recently met an Ekiti dude? Is he chyking you? Are you considering having something going with him – long term something? Okay, sit down, relax and read this piece about why you should date or marry an Ekiti man.

After reading, I hope you make up your mind quickly about your new Ekiti catch.

For some, the only thing they know about Ekiti is their ever-active-in-the-news Governor and The Warm Spring at Ikogosi. In this piece, I will introduce you to Ekiti men, and why you should consider dating or marrying one.

Let’s do this!

Here are 7 reasons you should give that Ekiti man a chance.

1. Ekiti men love pounded yam, and they can pound too! Bliss 😍

Pounded Yam is the official food for Ekiti people. They own it; it’s their legacy. They probably can’t go a day without eating it. They can have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner! That’s how much they love pounded yam. And guess what, their men can pound! It’s a natural ability. If you meet an Ekiti man who can’t pound yam, go and do DNA testing for him. When you marry an Ekiti man, pounded yam is a sure thing. Eat away!


2. Ekiti men are stubborn; but it’s for your good. 😬

In my short stay in Ekiti, I was made to realize that Ekiti men can be stubborn. It is a glaring truth as evident in their current Governor. But when an Ekiti man is in love with you, that stubbornness can be used to your advantage. He will be stubborn for you; he won’t rest until you are happy and smiling. Isn’t that what every woman wants from her man? Marry an Ekiti man and be guaranteed stubborn love for the rest of your life.


3. An Ekiti man can read a whole library for you!

In the entire South West, Nigeria, Ekiti ranks very high among states with a high number of scholars. Ekiti people love to read, to study and attain high scholarly titles. When you marry an Ekiti man, get ready to have your home almost designed like a library. If you are not the type that likes ‘book’, don’t go near an Ekiti man. He might choke you with book.


4.  Ekiti men are very good looking. 😍

If you meet ten hot and good looking Yoruba guys, chances are that a vast majority of them are from Ekiti. They are blessed like that. Regardless of how you find them; local or enlightened, they are usually good looking. I don’t know if it comes with the territory, but it will be difficult to find an ugly dude in Ekiti. So, dearie…if you are with an Ekiti man right now, look at him well…look again. If he is not handsome, just pack your things and go. He is most likely not pure Ekiti breed, or he lied about his origin.

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5. Ekiti men are hard working.

When you are with a man who is good looking and hard working, you are damn lucky! And yea, that’s what you are very much going to get with an Ekiti man! Whether he is a farmer, or a government worker, he just can’t stop working hard. Remember, his duty is to make you happy. And because he has to make this money to give you the life; he knows he has to be hardworking! You need to see the average Ekiti man; he won’t stop until he has worked hard enough to give you a life. Little wonder they are usually well to do.


6. The average Ekiti man is intelligent.

What else do you expect from a man who loves to read, hard working, and eats a lot of pounded yam? He’s gotta be intelligent! You may not totally agree, but their popular Governor has shown some brilliance in his handling of the polity. That’s something you can expect when you a marry an Ekiti man. Intelligence on fleek!


7. Ekiti men are warriors in the other room.

I’d be damned if I leave this part out. Efik and Ibibio ladies are renowned to be goddesses in the other room. Ekiti men are the gods. A girl friend of mine actually confirmed this to me. I had heard about it from several other sources but I didn’t believe it until someone from a ‘trusted authority’ told me. Other room affairs are very important and if you don’t want to be shortchanged in that department, marry an Ekiti man.


That’s how much I can take about Ekiti men for now. I am not sure that I exhausted this list. I will however leave the rest to you. What else do you think Ekiti men are capable of? Share with me please.

You must marry an Ekiti man o…na must!


PS: I am NOT an Ekiti man; I’m just sympathetic towards their cause. 😂


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