When Marriage Fails, Blame The MAN!

Ace movie producer, Zeb Ejiro has put all men on the spot in a recent interview he granted Yes! Magazine. The producer expresses his opinion on who should be blamed when a marriage fails.


In his exact words, “I was arguing with with my friends one day and I said something. I said if a marriage fails, it is the man. Not the woman. When I said this, my friends said ‘Hey Zeb, which one is your own sef?’ Leave this tin! A marriage, if it fails, succeeds, it is the woman. I said no! I asked a simple question- who is the head of the family? They said the man. Who is the person that God has given authority? They said it is the man. Who is the driver of the marriage? The said it is the man. Who did God give the power and said You are the head, make the decisions of this marriage? They said it is the man and I said so, why are you arguing with me? You the man; if you are running your business and your business is crashing, wont you find a way to make that business to work? When it comes to your wife and you think she is so terrible, why can’t you apply the same thing here? By the time I finished, my friends, they were just looking at me like this and I got that from a book I read and it’s true.”

He continued thus, “My pastor, Pastor Chris Okotie, said something in church one day. He said that when there is trouble in the house, in your home, the devil is attacking the wife. The devil enters the house through the woman. So you the man, you must realize that at the time the woman is misbehaving, the devil is attacking her. So it is your responsibility as the man to help her. Take the devil off her that moment. Because if not, the thing will destroy the marriage and its true” he concluded.

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Guys! Men! Do you agree? Ladies, women, do you support his view?

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