when a lady spends her cash

When a lady spends her cash on you, there is a motive!

When a lady spends her cash on you, there is a motive! Really? Hol’up, I am not trying to make an argument here, but a quick analysis of what I recently discussed with a friend. Join me on this short ride. You (ladies) will get your chance to argue your way out of this in the comments section. 

For a lady to spend her cash on you; hard-earned cash ooo…she wants something in return. How did I come about this? Read my story.

I used to date this beautiful chic who said a number of the following romantic words to me;

“Take this N20,000 for your upkeep.”

“Take this T-Shirt, I bought it at the mall yesterday, it’s worth N7,500. I don’t have much but I also bought you a phone since you lost your phone and haven’t had a phone for two weeks now. Please don’t reject it. Well, I also bought you N2,500 MTN recharge card for your internet subscription and N1000 airtime for calls.”

This one tripped me…

“Happy birthday baby, Here is a parcel for you”

I opened the parcel and found Boxers, Sneakers, Gucci Belt, NY face cap, Rolex watch, singlets and …

Yea yea, we get it, I found a lot of cool stuff, lets move on.

There was one epic moment she said to me…

 “Please get ready we’re going out to the cinema. Take this N5,000 for our tickets. Just act like you’re taking us out. Don’t reject my offer!”


I asked this question among my colleagues at work a few weeks back and one fellow was quick to answer

“Na now them exist pass“. Meaning there are more of these type of ladies these days.

I was puzzled by his answer. The comment did have an undertone. And I got that undertone and laughed hard. Do you get it too?

Let me break it to you. I quizzed this fellow to know more and he told me that though there are a few ladies who are indeed caring and do provide for their men, there’s only one reason a lot of other ladies would be into such show of affection: Marriage!

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“Let me show how caring I am and then he’ll marry me. Then I can go back to being normal.”

Oya ladies, make I ask una; na true? Do you pamper your man like this, without a motive? If you do this at all, is your motive for marriage or something else? Let’s know.

It’s good enough to know that there are ladies out there who are not just there to RECEIVE from guys, but when you GIVE, what’s your MOTIVE?

Talk to me in the comments section.

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