What's your attitude to free money

What’s your attitude to free money?

During the last sallah holiday, I received the alert of the money someone had sent to me the previous day.

My heart skipped because it was ten times the agreed amount. I called the person to confirm, she didn’t send such amount. She asked me to go to the ATM to confirm and withdraw it immediately.

I laughed. While I prepared for the bank, legion of thoughts bombarded my heart-how the holiday would be perfect with such money on me, how I would buy a lot of things, how this and that.

Then I interrogated the thoughts. This money couldn’t have been a miracle. The bank must have made a mistake, withdrawing it would put a banker in trouble. Will the money last me throughout my lifetime? How will I face God after spending what does not belong to me? What if the bank found out and traced me? What would happen to my faith and integrity? If I fail this test, what would happen if I become a public official with big money under my watch?

Meanwhile, previously that week, I commented on a post by Pst Tunde Sesan, about a civil servant, a gatekeeper, who was enjoying overpay for months.

So, I made up my mind to withdraw just the expected amount, and to lodge a complain at the bank the following Monday.

I got to the ATM and checked my account balance, only to see the agreed amount. I laughed and laughed. On my way home, I received an alert of cash retraction, the bank had corrected it. I was happy that I didn’t disappoint myself.

Lessons: If you don’t steal in your heart, you can never steal physically. Your heart is the seat of your actions. There were thoughts in Madam Deizeani’s heart that led to her stealing billions without fear.

Hence, learn to interrogate your thoughts, and let the right thoughts prevail.

2. Don’t wait till you’re caught up in situations before you set your life principles. It would be difficult to do when you’re in the act.

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3. If you’re not faithful in little, you cannot be faithful in much. If you’re stealing money, phones, and bags now, you’re capable of stealing billions later.

4. It is easier to criticize or advise than to do the right thing. Be a man of your words.

So I pose the question to you: What’s your attitude to excess money?

– Olubunmi Mabel

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