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What you share on Facebook tells how long your relationship will last

There are some couples whose love is so special that they constantly feel the need to post about it on Facebook. To most of us, we may be of the opinion that these couples may be heading for doom in their relationship – of course, who needs to publicly declare their love like that?! — but a new study says that couples who overshare on Facebook are more likely to stay together.


The journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking looked at 180 undergraduate couples over the course of six months and discovered that lovebirds who post the most photos of each other on Facebook and who changed their status to reflect that they are “in a relationship” were most likely to still be together at the end of six months.


However, for those of us who aren’t college sophomores know, six months isn’t that long at all. I’d be curious to see the fates of these couples over the next few years, especially once they leave the bubble of college and go into the real world.

I also wonder if the results would look different for adult couples who are older than 22. Are the couples who are constantly posting on social media about how great their marriage is really that happy? Or are they trying to overcompensate and paint an online picture of a perfect life to hide the messy reality that marriage is hard and partners aren’t always “so amazing!!!”?

Readers, what’s your opinion on this? Will Facebook couples eventually break up, or you are tending towards this study?

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