use what you HAVE to get what you WANT

How to use what you HAVE to get what you WANT

If I tell you that twice a certain number is equal to half of eight (I hope you paid attention in algebra class), you would first find half of eight to be four and then divide four into two halves to get the answer to the question to be “two”. You have moved from the known to the unknown in two simple steps and I’m proud to say to you that you are a genius; you have used what you had (eight) to get what you wanted (two).

So you see algebra’s not so difficult afterall, and I dare say to you that succeeding in life can be as simple. The saying “use what you have to get what you want” needn’t be restricted to ladies plotting how to manipulate some gullible guy (or vice-versa), we could apply its simple but profound principle to more productive endeavors everyday.

I think we must come to the realization that there’s no other way; we either use what we have to get what we desire or we use what we have to get what we want. The question’s not whether we would or wouldn’t, its “how fast would we get off our butts to do what has to be done?”

A great man once said “all that you need for all that you desire is within reach; you’ll find that you have it all if you’ll only look well enough”. Well the great man that said that is me, and don’t think I don’t know what I’m saying because I sure do. The problem is not that we don’t have what it takes to get what we need, rather its that we don’t know the potency of the things that we have!


A man lost everything; his job, his savings and it really looked like it was the end of the road for him. But then he met a good friend of mine (my friend’s name is Vincent Norman Peale), the said man languished in grief and cried “I’ve lost everything, I’m doomed!” But my friend looked at him, genuinely puzzled, he said “but that’s not true, how about I get a pencil and a piece of paper and make a list of the things that you do have”. So he queried “are you still alive, are you able-bodied and mentally stable, do you have a family; wife and children or even relatives that truly love you, do you have friends; true friends that are willing to stand by you through this dark hour, is there anything, anything at all that you can do well?” and the obvious answer to all these questions and many more was  “yes.” The rest as they say, is history; if you want to know what happened therafter, get a copy of “the power of positive thinking”. I’m not going to peddle the typical motivational speaker’s bro-ha-ha, but I’m going to tell you that there’s so much that can be achieved with what you do have. We undermine too much too often that we get content with living substandard lives, we choose to shut our eyes to the vast resources that are readily at our disposal and I have to say-that’s just SAD.

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If nothing else, you have a sound mind (at least you must have that to have read thus far) and in all truth there’s hardly anything that’s impossible with that singular resource. You have people, and good people are the best resource anyone could ever hope for. You have skills, and I hope you have discipline to polish and refine those skills, you have life, that means you have hope. You have a will, that means you can find a way; you have God, I put it to you that you have ALL that you need.

So whatever it is that you desire, don’t let anyone or anything give you the impression that there’s no way to get it. There are several ways of achieving your goals, but each of them starts with something you have now.

Use what you have to get what you want, recognize what you want and go all out for it; but don’t stop there, recognize what you have and recognize that therein lies the key to everything you’ll ever want!


Olarinde Samuel


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