What women like about men
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5 Main Features Women Like About Men

A lot has been written about features men look out for in a woman, and it is almost becoming stereotype that women have to conform to those things  to look acceptable to men.  The Christian Bible says ‘He who finds a wife has found a good thing’, and it might seem like a natural order of things for men to do all the searching. In recent times however, a lot of changes have occurred to our world, and perspectives are changing. People have become more aware, and women especially are becoming emancipated from age long stereotypes.

An average woman can also determine what she wants in a man, even if it is the man’s job to do the searching and asking, she still gets to CHOOSE and DECIDE if she wants to be with him or not. This means that while men are out there looking for features that attract them to a lady, the ladies are also expecting some important features in the man. There is no monopoly of choice to one gender, and men should realize that they have to be up to some standard to be acceptable to the woman. So if you are a guy reading this, you just have to start paying attention to detail, and you will be guaranteed a place in her heart.

What features do women like about men?

Could it be that they cannot resist the men’s strength and confidence, or, on the contrary, softness, and sensitivity.  There are five answers to the question: “What does make a man so attractive to women?” Using them you’ll be able to attract a woman you always wanted!

Women like respectful manner.

A respective attitude is top among things women like about men. If a man treats a woman with respect, then she will always appreciate it, no matter whether she is a prudish lady in a supermarket, a giggly beautiful neighbor or a beloved true life partner. Women often negatively perceive an excessive lenient attitude of patronage. The more intelligent and interesting the lady is, the more important role men’s respect plays for her. Do you really want to get acquainted with such an ideal woman? Then you should behave (and think) appropriately.

Women like the sense of humor.

The wittiest joke will hardly make a woman’s heartbeat speeds up. Women really prefer men who can treat many situations with humor, who do not take life’s troubles to heart, and are able to laugh well, including on themselves. Frankly speaking, it can be explained this way: a good sense of humor shows that a person is smart. So (somewhere in the depths of her consciousness), a woman understands that with this man’s help she can pass excellent genes to her children.

Women like attention.

A woman especially appreciates the moments when the man’s attention is completely given to her. Being attentive is one of the distinctive features women like about men.

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If a woman has to repeat her question several times before her man answers it, or if a man considers attention signs superfluous, such relations are doomed. Women like and especially appreciate the moments when men devote their attention only to them. It is equally important when you do nice things without a reminder. A bouquet of flowers without any occasion and requests can bring a lot of pleasure and help you score points, it says a lot about your relation to your beloved. Do not skimp on modest signs of attention. Make the woman feel that she is beloved and desired, and it gives you real pleasure to make her happy.

Women like grateful listeners.

Women are well aware of the lack of interest on the part of the companion. It is important for them to see the eyes of a man and feel that they are not talking “into the void.” The main mistake men make which often leads to into this situations is that they try to start a conversation on topics that they may be feminine to them or they do not know much about: clothes, cosmetics, shops, gossip. When you do this, it is unlikely that you will become an interesting company (women have girlfriends for this purpose), and when she is engaged in it with you and you are not listening or showing enough interest, it becomes a turn off.

Do you have any way out? Do not have a one-track mind and think in stereotypes! Leave the topics that you do not understand, but do not start talking about things, which obviously will not cause any response. Start with general topics, talk about movies, music, favorite food, exhibitions and books. Such themes will help you both find an interesting direction for conversation, and such communication will bring pleasure to both of you.

Women like men.

Well, in the end, regardless of every feature women like about men, it will be fair to admit that women just love men. They love them as they are: sensitive and understanding, generous and successful, courageous and strong, attentive and grateful, romantic and above all, loving. Men cannot live without women, and women cannot live without men. Both sex groups should learn patience and understanding, and in this case, love will prevail in their relationships.

Sabrina Steinman

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