sexy and attractive

What Really Makes You Sexy And Attractive?

This is the question I want to ask every old and young lady out there today: Has SEXY replaced DECENCY? Whether your answer is a YES or NO, the next question has to be: what makes you sexy and attractive? Whatever your answer is, it is important to note a few things which is highlighted in this piece. 

These days, many young women don’t feel fashionably sexy without exposing a bit more skin. But the bit more comes out a lot more ,that seems the more skin showing the more attractive it looks like, right? Well, the answer is a blatant NO!

sexy and attractive

The Less Skin You Show, The More Attractive You Are.

Ladies, we need to understand that what we  wear sends a lot of message. Showing more skin may catch even the farthest naked eye, but it’s not the best way to look fabulous. It’s possible to be sexy without showing a whole lot of skin.

Showing less skin is modesty. What looks appropriately modest and what doesn’t may raise different opinions depending on one’s own individuality, but as far as modestly goes, dressing appropriately is dressing with less skin showing.

Fashion today have gotten too provocative. Stylish tops have gone with very low necks showing so much cleavage, or too short clothing bringing girls to walk around with their butts hanging out from their too short mini skirts and shorts. If men have been going backward with the masculine rules that it’s inappropriate for them to wear short shorts, they found it hard to understand how it has become appropriate for women to wear the shortest of shorts that reveal almost everything.

With the fad on more skin exposed, I think there’s nothing wrong with taking pride in your appearance, provided you don’t overdo it. I made myself my own golden rule, if I wear something above the knee the top MUST go conservative, or something with sleeves. If I were to wear a halter top or a backless I would always wear something that falls an inch below the knee, or I’d wear jeans.

If you have well toned-up legs, wearing short shorts can bring an inspiration of total beauty as long as you wear the outfit to appropriate places. Some perceive that showing “some” legs and back once in a while is considerably sexy…but bust and butts? That I think is overrated!

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Why Showing Less Skin Is Sexy

Men and women kind of agree that when you show a lot of skin, you can send the wrong message and get the wrong type of attention. But with less skin? They find a bit of mystery that makes it sexier.

Guys also find girls who don’t show everything off in order to gain their attention charmingly sweet and irresistible and they’ll do everything to connect. You probably know of a lot of guys that think more skin is attractive yet they find it unattractive for their girlfriends or wives to wear revealing tops and jeans. This plainly comes down to one thing – guys are actually attracted to modest clothing.

There are so many ways of being sexy without half undressing yourself. If you’re a young woman, don’t worry if you’re not getting the attention other girls gain by the manner they dress. Thinking beautiful with what you wear will make you feel good, and it’s a lot better to be liked with your modest charm and sweet looks.

It pays to be a role model and teach other girls how to dress with grace and elegance. Not just that, you can shine more by wearing something that’s fashionably sexy yet modestly stylish and flaunt that sexy attitude!


Aderibigbe Oluwaseun.


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