What feminism means to women

What does FEMINISM mean to women and their marriage?

Feminism is a long-standing debate among people. While some think it is a fight for equality with men, others think it is against the order of nature. Personally, I have not arrived at a full understanding of the movement. Last week, I stumbled on a Facebook Post by  Solomon Buchi Bartholomew, one of thought leaders I follow, where he wrote about what Feminism means to women and their marriage got me asking questions, and I thought it best to share some of the information that was passed around in that thread.

Please note that this post is featured under our social pulse category – a category that shares relationship, life or marriage related topics as shared by thought leaders on social media. Not everything you read here is exclusively a thought of GLOWVILLE (it won’t be hard to know when we are expressing our exclusive thoughts). Please read this with an open mind and contribute objectively. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, Solomon Buchi Bartholomew‘s opinion on what Feminism means to women, and their marriage.

I will never advice a woman to take all what these internet feminists canvass for. The concept of feminism has been dwindled into hatred for men. I recently read from a feminist saying she would never attach her husband’s name to hers. She sounded so aggressive. One the other day wrote that she will never pound yam for her hubby, that if he needs that he should pound by himself. The other said if her hubby asks her not to do a thing, she’ll do it if she likes.

Watch the lives of these females, They are sad, either divorced or separated, or not married.

I am not a feminist, neither am I a chauvinist. I speak against abuse in marriage and tyranny. But truth remains that a woman is under her husband in marriage. He is the head. Rebelling against him is a SIN on its own. This extreme feminism is not a Christian concept. It is purely devilish because it’s a war against men.

Christian Women, Stop listening to any preaching or teaching about feminism. Read the new testament and follow God’s principle of how a woman should respond to her husband.
The Bible is not chauvinistic, The new covenant annulled all laws in the Torah. Paul in the epistles clearly commanded men to love their wives, and women should submit.

Submission means giving away your will to your head.

The big deal is, Make sure you marry a man who you trust to protect the interest of your will. Submitting to him wouldn’t be an issue. Make sure you marry a man that will love you in a manner that’ll make you submit to him.

How about gender based roles in marriage?

A woman should cook, tidy the house and do other domestic errands. It doesn’t make her less and this doesn’t mean her hubby should never support her but basically in marriage there are roles to each gender too. A man is the sole provider, it doesn’t mean the woman shouldn’t work and support too.
Gender based roles in marriage cannot be defeated!! It can’t. In all let love lead.

Stop following this hate campaign against men. Some feminist concepts are making it difficult for women to reverence their husbands in marriage.

As you’d expect, the post got a lot of response, but we will rather let you have your say on this matter. Please share with us in the comments section below.

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