What Age determines Marriage for a man or lady?

What AGE determines MARRIAGE for a man or lady?

Someone sent this to our mail, and she needs your candid advice. I’m trusting you to help her out. Feel free to share your view in the comments box after reading.

What Age determines Marriage for a man or lady?


Hi GlowVille,

Must I really be rushing marriage because my mates and juniors are getting married? Do I have to push my boyfriend to see reasons to plan a wedding ceremony before he is ready to do so? Why do parents calculate age when it comes to marriage? Why can’t it be all about meeting the right person that brings happiness to you and vice versa?

I have the opinion that marriage should be decided when the happiness and peace between two people is beautiful and cannot be taking away or shared.

It isn’t all about LOVE.- No! No! No.

Trust, unity, peace, friendship, partnership, comfort and many others revolve in marriage to create a blissful relationship between the couple.

Everyone should strive to be married to their friend, their chat partner, their personal doctor, their cry buddy, their story teller, their prayer warrior, a partner that is everything in one. Some people will tell you that when you meet the right person, you would know! Really that sounds scary.

Do you just know by instinct or premonition? I seek answers to this. I fear that when you feel time is no longer on your side, your instincts may be compromised, and any available guy looks like the next big thing.

Personally, I believe that marriage is a sacred thing that ‘children’ should not get into. It’s for the matured minds and people willing to sacrifice anything and everything. Someone once told me that girls should actually cry very hard when they are getting married because asides been happy with their partner, they are trading the option of ever making or taking decisions on their own. This has also contributed to my fear in getting married.

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But when age is not on my side, and the pressure to marry is high, what should I do?




  1. What do I know about marraige,well in my heart of hearts,one shouldn’t rush into marraige on any circumstances be it age,or competing with friends,it doesn’t have to always be the number one priority cause when it is u become desperate mostly ladies,with this part of the world having the orientation that marraige should be number one goal for women and all that it could be a source of joy and happiness it could lead to mental depression so tread softly on that path no need to be in a hurry

    • When u rush into marriage u end up rushing out. If u want a long lasting settling together, u dnt rush. You shld never marry bcos of peer pressure… That’s gonna b suicidal. You could give hints to make ur BF propose and plan to settle down but that’s all there is to that. Even when he is ready, u don’t just jump on him.. Parents on the other hand calculate age bcos most times what they want outa the marriage is grandchildren, and the older a lady gets the difficult it bcomes to take in. Also don’t be decieved, u can’t find a man who would be everything to u,”friend, their chat partner, their personal doctor, their cry buddy, their story teller, their prayer warrior, a man that ia everything in one” nah… U hardly would find a partner like this bcos we are all struggling to be perfect and “you”are not even everything to a man urself. U r still strugglin to be perfect. There’s no perfect humanbeing.. When u are been pressured to settle down, look up to God. Do not use common sense or logic to solve ur situation cos u would only end up wrongly. Seek God’s face.

  2. I believe marriage shouldnt be rushed into…it’s a forever experience, so would u rush into a ‘regretable’ forever? No…
    As per age not being on ur syd, culture demands that ladies should marry early…
    Have u ever just sat down to wonder why u arent married yet? If u check and do not see any negative response, then wait patiently…we must never rule out the God factor, pray even if ur not ‘ready’, that God would give u the bone of ur bone…
    ‘when u see the right person, u’ll know’ that opinion hardly works…ask those who’ve been married for long, they always have a story very much contrary to that opinion.
    In all, wait patiently and pray, ur age shouldnt determine ur marriage worefa…bt ur a lady, pray very hard 😉

  3. Well it is not a easy thing to exprience but nertheless u just hv to be patient and also pray to god for total drection, dress normal dont allow that to change ur appearance be ur normal self.

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