What Adebayor’s Facebook confession tells you

All’s not well when an African man decides to wash his dirty linen in public. Now when this particular African man is also a successful one, there really must be some deeply-seated trouble around somewhere. It’s really sad the way family can sometimes become the bane of one’s existence; the words of Emmanuel Adebayor in his disclosure (permit me to call it that) just go to show that those that we envy for the grandiose things we mostly wish we had often would trade it all to have those little blessings we dismiss as petty.

A mother that dupes her own son and rains insults on him, brothers that swindle and drag your name in the mud, a sister that has no respect whatsoever for proprietary, you just wonder how its possible that one person has the rare misfortune of sharing blood ties with these…

One thing annoys me a lot though, it’s this unsubstantiated notion that all sorts of people have that there is some legitimacy in their misconstrued perceptions of how a person should spend their money and that their word is law. What right has anyone to tell anyone else how to spend their money; even if they’re family? If they¬† contributed to his success, was it with the intent that they manipulate that success to suit their purposes on the long run? Well if that’s the case, II’ll say both parties are even: the ones who invested with a mind to sap the very life out of a prospect when he’s made and the supposedly selfish made man who turns his back on the people that made him. From all I have to go by though, Adebayour did more than most people would to give back to family. These crop of people really do not sound like the type that had the good sense to invest in anyone’s future, all I perceive is a family of parasites too lazy to get off their butt and take charge of their own destiny.

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Adebayor didn’t ask for pity, he seemed more like a lonenly guy that just needed to tell someone about the inordinate weight he has to bear because of family. Anyways, my emotions are far from pity, anger is a much more appropriate description.

He was depressed and he wrote about it; hopefully it made him feel better. I was angry, I’ve written about it and now I feel much better…

Read Adebayor’s facebook post HERE


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