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Glowville.net is a niche blog that caters to Relationships and all its surroundings. The blog started on March 12, 2013 and it’s been so far, so good for us here.

The objective of the blog is to help people understand the ever-changing dynamics of Relationships in the 21st Century. We want to be able to help young people make better choices in their relationships. We aim to help people FIND, KEEP & VALUE Relationships. Ultimately, we want to reduce in as many ways as possible, the heartbreak of a split in blossoming relationships and the agony of divorce in marriages.

In order to do this, we have adopted different creative ways to pass on our message and still keep you refreshed and entertained while at it. We have adopted a model of sharing real life stories through our LOVERS STORIES and BREAKUP STORIES categories; we share stories that can inspire people everyday.

As much as we share our ideas about relationships, we believe we are not an island of knowledge. Hence, we team up with worthy relationship, marriage, life coaches and experts to share their ideas, knowledge and extend their circle of influence to loyal readers of the blog.

We share articles on other categories like Weddings, Marriage and Social Matters. We do a weekly Vox Pop and Social Pulse which monitors the social media for what influencers are saying about relationships.

We are also open to promotions of talent, events, and other healthy content.

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