Wedding Flower Ideas

Wedding Flower ideas that fit every bride, and for every season

Can you separate a wedding and flowers? I bet you already know the answer to that question. Wedding flowers are sacred to the entire look of the wedding and the bride (and her bouquet). Bouquets give the bride a touch of beauty that is just too hard to ignore, and wedding flowers generally enhances your decorations especially if you allow them play with your wedding colours. Let’s take an adventure into beautiful wedding flower ideas that fit every bride and her wedding.

In Nigeria, you will commonly see brides rocking rose flowers in different colours since they are grown here and can be easily purchased. But we have come up with several other wedding flower ideas that fits every season, regardless of your budget, and will still give you that beautiful and sophisticated look. We hope you are not spoilt for choice after reading this.

Ideally, your choice of wedding flowers and bridal bouquet should be determined by the wedding colours, theme and the style you have adopted for your wedding. Therefore, be it Roses, Calla Lilies, Peonies, Tulips, or Ranunculus, you can always be well sorted when you step out.

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Do you also know that your wedding flower ideas can be determined by the month in which you are getting married? Absolutely! You should know the wedding flowers that are in season in the month you are getting married. An expert florist, Philippa Craddock explains the best flowers for each season as documented in


January – Gypsophila

Wedding Flower ideas


Gypsophila is a great choice for winter weddings in a harsh month like January. It is a very hardy flower and can last throughout your wedding day without water. Gypsophila can be used with other flowers but when used on its own it makes a beautiful, serene statement. Ideal for Winters frosty, snowy tones.


February – Ranunculus

Wedding Flower ideas


The pretty ranunculus is a beautiful petite rose-like stem that adds interest and beauty to every design. The ranunculus is at its best in early Spring and is available in a wide variety of stunning colours. The blush pink ‘Hanoi’ ranunculus is very popular for weddings and is touted as a favourite variety for brides.


March – Lilac and Narcissus


These are delicate and pretty Spring flowers that enables you to have both cut stems and growing bulbs in your designs. These flowers will also add a beautiful fragrance to your space.


April – Lily of the Valley


This stylish flower only has a short flowering season. Lily of the Valley reaches its peak in April so is the perfect choice for Spring bridal flowers. Audrey Hepburn and Kate Middleton both choose this utterly elegant and timeless flower for their own wedding bouquets. You can use it too!


May – Peonies


The glamorous Peony is available in a wide range of colours, and it is a versatile flower that can be used in a wide variety of designs. What more? This flower fits perfectly with all wedding themes! 


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June – Hydrangea


Show stopping Hydrangeas are the perfect choice for a Summer style wedding. Available in a wide variety of colours, and can also be dyed to match a particular colour scheme. They are a very versatile and enduring flower that lend themselves to simple designs as well as more intricate ones. 


July – Meadow Flowers


Using meadow flowers such as Astrantia, Stocks, Delphiniums and Lupins and mixing them with herbs such as Mint, Thyme, Dill and Rosemary will give you an English Country Garden style. Ideal for bohemian Brides and marquee weddings. A mix of pastels and brights makes for a stunning high Summer wedding.


August – Garden Roses


A nostalgic, exquisite and romantic flower. These roses are glorious in bouquets and other wedding designs. Available in nearly every shade of pink, peach, lilac and creams. You won’t have any problems matching your colour scheme. You can combine with Peonies, Spray roses and Jasmine for a truly wonderful bridal bouquet.


September – Scabious


If you are looking for something different but still seasonal, Scabious are a perfect late Summer Wedding choice. They are at their peak from June to October. Scabious are available in soft, pretty pastels from creams to pale blues. You can use this delicate flower to soften a more robust design.


October – Late Summer Stocks


Instantly recognisable from English country Garden borders, this pretty stem has good availability in Autumn. It is one of the last Summer flowers before we move on to the foliage and berries of the Winter. You can use this tall stem to add height to central wedding designs. It is has a wonderful fragrance, especially when combined with lilacs. You can choose from a wide spectrum of colours including many shades of pinks and purples.


November – Viburnum

Wedding Flower ideas


Viburnum is a fabulous choice for strong architectural type Wedding designs. You can use Viburnham on its own to create bold table designs. Its bold colour also makes it work well in more elaborate designs with strong colour. Viburnum will add light to dark Wintery spaces.


December – Foliage


Festive designs are awesome for December weddings. You can use many different types of foliage such as Eucalyptus, Spruce, Myrtle and Silver Brunia. These add textures, scents and different shades of colour to the designs and space. White and cream flower stems compliment the green shades wonderfully. Being hardy and long lasting means that wreaths and garlands can be used to decorate the venue. For a really festive touch, you can use metallic accents and Christmas decorations in these designs.


Which of these wedding flower ideas caught your fancy most? Let us know in the comments section below.


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