Duties of a Groom’s BEST MAN

Deciding on who to include in your wedding party is no easy feat. Aside from the personal issues to consider, like those relating to personality, time available, and interest in being involved in a wedding, there is also the issue of ‘expectation’ to think of: What you expect of your best man to do for the wedding vs. what do they expect their responsibilities to  be. In order to help you both clarify what duties a best man usually fulfill, as well as what to consider when choosing yours, we’ve come up with a comprehensive checklist. Use this to help you narrow down the choice of man you want by your side on your big day.

The Best Man

best man

Your best man is ususally your best friend or relative, and there to offer considerable help in the lead-up to, during, and immediately following the wedding.

His responsibilities are, in chronological order:

  • Help the groom pick out suits
  • organise groomsmens’ suit fitting sessions
  • Plan and throw the buck’s party for the groom
  • Organise accommodation for groomsmen who aren’t local to the area
  • Keep groomsmen abreast of any scheduling changes
  • Arrange a groomsmens’ gift for the groom
  • Attend the rehearsal dinner
  • Prepare and give a speech at the wedding, following the groom’s father
  • Help the groom get dressed on his wedding day
  • Ensure the groom gets to the church on time
  • Act as middle-man for all payments to be made on the day- collect the money from the groom, pay the officiant, wedding cake baker, etc
  • Ensure the groom has his marriage license with him
  • Keep the wedding rings safe until the ceremony
  • Organise the couple’s departure from the reception venue
  • Make sure all groomsmen look great at the wedding
  • Passing the rings onto the ring bearer (if there is one), making sure he knows exactly what to do
  • Standing by the groom during the ceremony
  • Hand over the rings during the ceremony, if there is no ringbearer
  • Escort the maid of honour down the aisle after the ceremony concludes
  • Sign the marriage license as an official witness
  • If the couple have not hired a driver, drive them to the reception venue
  • Organise groomsmen for photographs
  • Stand in for all photos necessary
  • Dance with the bride and maid of honour at some stage during the reception
  • If the couple are leaving for their honeymoon straight from the reception, help the groom change his clothing
  • Either ensure the limo is at the reception to pick the bride and groom up, or have the car they’re using decorated. In both cases, check that their suitcases are already packed in the car.
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Hope I got them all covered. Feel free to add more duties in the comments box.

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