ways to win a man's heart

5 sure ways to win a man’s heart, even if he is stubborn!

We live in a society where in a bid to get ladies serious with learning to cook and clean, our mothers sing in our ears songs of how the road to a man’s heart is through his belly; using cliches like olobe lo l’oko, and others. The question is, does this alone make a man stick to you? Are there other ways to win a man’s heart to you quicker? Let’s find out together.

Well, I decided to do a little study about ways to win a man’s heart; mind you, it was not to prove momma wrong, naaaah that wasn’t the aim. It was just outta curiosity I promise you. I make great meals, trust me, I do…hehehehe… but that isn’t what this is about.

From my little research, I have come to learn that “the stomach rule” doesn’t always work. Truthfully, it barely does.

That leaves us with the question; Why then would I do steal my man’s heart for me and me alone?

Lets take a journey through some things that just might work…if you decide to try, that is.

1. The Stomach Rule

Surprised this is coming first? Well, don’t. Believe it or not, every man loves a great meal. This doesn’t guarantee keeping him to yourself all the time but it sure helps. Here’s the secret, try new cuisines. Don’t be too rigid in the kitchen. Learn new things and spice up the dinner table. Be adventurous but please keep allergies in mind o. Abeg!!!

2. Be his “mommy”

hehehe.…some men would roll their eyes at this but common now, lets be real, don’t you just love it when she strokes your beards and hair, cook for you, scream at you for leaving your towel on the bed, among other things. You know you do? Many men love their mommies so they wanna see a mommy in you.

3. Feed his ego

Calm down na. Don’t raise ’em eyebrows yet. This doesn’t sound healthy abi?  Chillax. See ehn, an average man is egoistic. And anything or anyone that does anything to deflate it has to go. Darris how God made them. So rather than trying to fight it, accept it and even boost it, give him the chance to fix things you know you can fix yourself, and watch him swoon, and in that moment, you can “tame” him for you. It’s an old trick that most mothers used, trust me…it still works! A man will prefer to stay with a woman who makes him feel great than one who ruins his ego all the time.

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4. Get some self esteem 

This list would have been incomplete without this.  Guys like to feel like winners every single time. Yup! No guy wants to leave the bar with the “least sorted for” lady. Healthy self-esteem and confidence is not the same as cocky, high-maintenance, insecure arrogance. They are very different. Create a balance gurl! Give him a reason to blush that he got you. Read books, be smart, be bold!!

5. Never put pressure on him

Seriously sis, you ain’t a pressure cooker. Stop pressuring him to take you on dates, take you home to mama, give you ring. Puh-leeeaase!! This just sets some guys off, heck, it sets me off when I see a lady do it. A good guy will do all of these thing in good time. Emphasis on good guys biko. Some guys are one kain... So go easy on him sis, you really want something, take initiative, drop some hints here and there, if he’s smart which he must be if you’re with him, he’ll get the message.

So, there you are….this list could go on and on but we have to take a pause here and let you add your own to the list of ways to win a man’s heart.

Do these things and watch the other ladies try and fail to take your boo boo who is stuck to you like glue to paper…kikiki. Remember, this is the LightHearted Tuesday, and we are just having fun here.

Please remember to write us at glowvillenet@gmail.com if you tried any or all of these and they work. We will be glad to share your testimonies on a segment of the blog. Till then, keep having fun while loving your boo. That’s what the Glowville blog wants for you!

I am still CYNTHIA OMO…scribbling for GLOWVILLE

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