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What is the way to a woman’s heart?

Welcome to another edition of the #GlowvilleVoxPop. 

Today, we are asking another interesting question as it concerns dating and relationships generally, and we look forward to your interesting answers.

It is a popular saying that ‘The road to a man’s heart is through his belly’. This saying, according to a few people I have spoken to about it, means that men are quick to like women who can cook well to please their belly. I personally have not felt this work on me. I have eaten a lot of great meals from different women, but it didn’t make me start gushing or catching feelings for them. But that’s me. A number of other guys have attested to the fact that it works, especially between married couples. When the wife cooks great meals for her husband, the chances of her getting anything out of him is increased. I will admit that, based on some experiences I have had with my parents. But that is not where our discussion is headed today.

We are reversing the trend. If a man only needs to eat a well cooked food to have his mumu button blaring green signals upandan, what is the way to a woman’s heart? How can a man really get to make his woman do anything he bids without much fuss? What really does he have to do?

I asked this question via my Facebook page, and below are some of the interesting answers I got from different men and women:

What is the way to a woman’s heart? 

Kelechi Onusiriuka says Her purse, bank account, wardrobe and jewelry box. But Oguntuashe Micheal believes that giving a lot of care and loyalty rather does the magic, as it has worked for him before.

Speaking from a female point of view, Dairo Blessing opines that physical appearance of a guy, his brain, bank account, words, romance level, level of spirituality,  and humbleness does it for her. On another note, Adaeze Obianyimuo rather thinks it is by winning her mind, making her feel good.

Contributing in a humorous note, Adeife Adebiyi said, ‘Care and money. Be ugly sef, we don’t care. Just bring the money and be caring.’  and Christie Olamide characteristically contributed hilariously by saying, ‘My akant! (bank account) Plus have small sense at least. I can’t stand stupid people” But Inene Martins was rather direct and curt when he said, ‘their ears, they love lies!’

We got some interesting comments too from Seun Aderotimi who said the way to a woman’s heart is by attention, and  Olawande-Owoturo Adetola who added that affection is what covers everything else on the way to a woman’s heart.

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We were not without some unusually weird responses too:

Victor Enesi said, ‘her legs’. Tosin Ayo said ‘a little opening below the stomach’. Adebanjo Doyin thinks a nice ride and sweet mouth just does it. Brianna Anyaora also contributed by saying her abdomen. I really can’t explain what she meant by that, but Owoseeni Roseline made me smile when she said ‘the gifts of a man maketh way for him!’

Beyond the diverse answers we gathered, Chukwuba Chiluba and many others generally agreed that money, bank account, and material things make up the way to get a woman to do your bidding.

And by that, we can easily conclude by saying ‘whilst the way to a man’s heart is by his belly, the way to a woman’s heart is by money – her purse, bank account, and cash at hand’

You don’t agree? Let’s hear you in the comments box.



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