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Warning signs that show you are wasting time in your relationship

Here are 10 unmistakable warning signs that show you are wasting time in your relationship, as shared by someone who ignored them. If you have ever heard or believed in learning from other people’s experience, you are about to get one now. Please pay attention.

Warning signs ignored in the early stages eventually grow into issues that deny us the essence of relationship; to love and to be loved. This is the deepest desire of man.

Many marriages suffer today because they refused to take heed of the relationship warning signs they saw during courtship thinking things will normalize overtime only to realize a little too late that they trod a path of error.

Sadly today, many teenagers and youths are treading the same path of ignoring critical warning signs. They ignore obvious warning signs and tag as a hater whoever dares to turn them into the way of common sense. They realize their folly very very late; consequently they join the multitude singing songs of regret.

In this article I’ll be sharing 10 warning signs (as shared by someone who ignored them) that everyone going into or already in a relationship must watch out for.

Here we go!!!

You Do All The Calling: 

In the euphoria of the early stage of a relationship it is normal for both parties to try to outdo each other in calling and texting.

This is not the case in your relationship. You do all the calling and texting and as if that is not already enough injustice to yourself, your calls aren’t even appreciated. He takes the call after 5 missed calls and goes “hello!” with a pride laden voice as though he’s doing you a favor answering the call. This obvious warning sign should not be ignored if emotional health is important to you.

You Are Always Having To Defend Him before Your Friends and Family Members: 

You know, there will always be that one friend or family of yours with an impeccable sense of integrity who doesn’t see your boyfriend as the right guy someone of your personality deserves.

She says something like “that your guy no dey try at all”. This statement automatically puts you on defensive mode. You go, “it’s not like that… you know… He doesn’t… as in… he’s kinda like….” On and on you go trying so hard to make a good impression out of a bad personality but in your secret place you cry your eyes out wishing he is actually how you presented him before your friends and family.

The Relationship Rises and Falls on You: 

You call and text on regular basis and the relationship appears to be moving fine. So you decided to relax a little bit so it doesn’t look as if he’s the only thing occupying your mind all day and all night, even though that’s quite true.

But what happens next? Everything you thought you both had going came crashing on you because even a “flash”, he didn’t “flash” you. And you were there keeping vigil over your phone waiting for his call or text.

It’s glaring; the whole relationship is going on your strength alone. This is not supposed to be; doesn’t it take two to tango any longer?

None of Your Friends or Family Likes Him:

It is true that there are just three people in the relationship triangle or two if you have no room for God in yours. But you should remember that there were people in your life long before you knew anything about relationship; your family and friends.

If none of your inner circle members seem to like your partner don’t be too quick to label them as haters. There might be crucial things your senses, flooded with love, are too blind to detect. Search for it, and if they are valid reasons to run, do not ignore!

You Are Quite Sure You Are Not the Most Important Person in Your Partner’s Life: 

There is this fulfillment when you are sure you’re the dearest of a thousand to your sweetheart as well as she is your dearest among a thousand. If this is not the report about your relationship it is a warning sign that that relationship may have no future in tomorrow.

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It becomes very critical when you start asking your partner questions like “what must I do to be the most important person in your life”. Come on! As far as I know Nicodemus, the Jewish leader, was the last person to ask that kind of a question and it was for the sake of gaining eternal life… Is your partner really as valuable as eternal life?

He Derives Pleasure in Not Keeping Promises He Made To You: 

Making promises he doesn’t keep is already a sign enough that he doesn’t place a premium on your person or the relationship but doing this as some habit he’s hopelessly addicted to and not even trying to pretend it wasn’t intentional is a serious warning sign you ignore only at your own peril.

He Doesn’t Think He Should Change: 

Before we talk about change, does your partner even admit that they are not treating you right? It takes someone who admits their shortcomings to consider changing for the better.

He knows he’s not treating you right but he won’t admit it at least not until he’s wasted your life beyond recognition. Then he’ll hastily leave an apology note for you on the table. He wouldn’t apologize to you in person because he’s only doing this to fulfill all righteousness not because he ever cared nor is about to start now.

She Plays a Darling Only When He Wants to Get Something from You: 

Ideally, private/public display of affection is supposed to endear you to your lover and vice versa but in your case it puts you on red alert

The only time your lover acts as if she cares is when there is something at stake. You can clearly remember the last time she acted this way with you; she needed money from you urgently. And of course, you know it’s not a loan. When she needs money again, she comes back with more mushiness and disappears just after. That’s a sign, do not ignore.

He Talks About Wonderful Moments With Other Guys or Girls: 

There is a trace of outright wickedness in this. You both are supposed to be soul mates, technically that is. He telling you about swell times with other girls/guys serves to help you sort out your place in his/her life by yourself.

This sucks life out of you, doesn’t it? So why wait any longer for things to be better?

After Many Years Together You Still Ask Yourself “why me?” 

Relationships are supposed to get better with years. You’re supposed to have outgrown the initial threats individual baggage posed to your relationship and reach a point of agreement.

Alas!!! This is not your story, after three years of dating you still find yourself asking “why me Lord?” because he/she doesn’t give you any reason to be hopeful about the relationship.



The thing about warning signs in relationships is not that we are totally oblivious of their existence but that we are fully aware of them. However, driven by a surge of emotions, we give ourselves reasons upon reasons why everything would come out good some days only for us to realize years later that we were just releasing ourselves to all sorts of emotional abuse for no justifiable reasons at all.

Break free from every form of abusive relationships today and enjoy the beauties in the simplest things of life, even relationship.

Which warning signs did you ignore or are currently ignoring in your relationship? Let’s hear you in the comments section below…


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