he waited to propose

Bayo waited to propose before telling me the truth about himself

This week’s break up story is quite an unbelievable one! For a while, we thought we had seen, heard and read all there is to break up stories, until we got this from Lydian about her ex who held on to a lie for so long and only waited to propose before coming out with the truth. We are glad that she was able to heal, and now wants to help other singles out there learn to pay extra care, use the sixth sense, do some due diligence, and above all, forget the dogma that the church is the best place to meet a potential spouse. 

Let’s learn from her story below.

“We met in church during one of the midweek services. He came from behind to sit behind me when the pastor asked people to move forward. He was a bit of a talkative; albeit an interesting one. He always had a giggle or side comment to whatever the pastor said…a good number of them were to my amusement and I couldn’t help smiling each time. His dance was equally interesting to watch. He enjoyed himself just as I enjoyed his company.

I had not seen his face in church before, so I asked him after service and he told me his name and that he was just visiting.

Bayo told me that he hardly attends church but he tries to maximise his time each time he is in church.

I liked him, I really did. But beyond that, I felt I could make him get closer to God. He was too good to be far away from church, I thought to myself. So I made it a point of duty to get close to him and influence him into going to church regularly (even if it wouldn’t my church). So we exchanged numbers and became friends from then.

Bayo was a nice guy with a hugely admirable personality. I got so close till I fell flat for him. He visited me at home and met my parents, but we never got to meet his parents because they were living in Ilorin and he said he hardly visits them, but he spoke with them regularly on phone. I didn’t bother too much about his parents after meeting his younger brother who was a Unilag student at the time, I believed all was well with his family.

I didn’t think it wise to play hard to get when Bayo asked me for a relationship. I was really happy with him and I prayed that our great relationship would blossom into an equally great marriage…but God had other plans for me.

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Bayo proposed!

But when he was going to propose, he asked to confess a sin. I wondered what it was considering the fact that he had been a darling overtime.

When he finally spoke out, his sin was that he had been a Muslim all the while but didn’t tell me.

I was hurt and really heart-broken. Turned out, he only came to church with his friend the day we met because his friend had asked him to meet in church.

He claimed to have liked me the instant he saw me and didn’t want to jeopardize the friendship, so he played on and acted like a Christian.

He asked for forgiveness and said if I would forgive him, we would get married. I was hurt but beyond all of the hurt, I knew I loved him… and well, we all know Loves overlooks quite a lot of things. So, I  forgave him, but I asked him to hold on with the proposal and give me time to think about it.

I continued with the relationship but eventually had to break-up with him as my parents would have none of it.

They vehemently refused to allow me marry a muslim; moreso one who had deceived them before.

I loved Bayo, but his lies destroyed our relationship. We didn’t stand any chance after the truth was revealed.

That is my most memorable break up story.”

– Lydian J.

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