Is it right to publicly declare your virginity?

This week’s opinion poll is for Virgins and non-virgins alike. You have a chance to lend your voice to this. Tucked from Olubunmi Mabel‘s wall where she asked if there is anything prideful or shameful about publicly declaring your virginity.

A friend wrote on her timeline that getting married as a virgin was one of the most beautiful things that happened to her the previous year.

The post drew criticisms from many angles, “There’s no point making it a public affair” “It’s a private matter” “It doesn’t guarantee a happy marriage” “This is nothing but pride” Blah blah blah.

It was serious.

Questions: Is her post too intimate to be made public? Is there anything prideful about declaring your virginity publicly?

What you think?




OLUMIDE LAWRENCE: Be proud of what you are; virgin or not. No matter what you do, people go talk. Virginity is overrated, let’s talk about chastity.

AWOYEMI TEMITOPEIt’s truly private and personal desire in the will of God. Not prideful. And it doesn’t guarantee happy marriage, but it’s a significant pillar for trust and confidence in the marriage. And it’s a great motivation to those desiring such in such a perverted world where “fornication is now fashion”. But trust me, many of the condemnation and criticism come from self guilt and regret. It’s a funny world we live in, where wrong is now the new right!

DEE LAST BORN: Well, If I see that kind of post, I will jump and pass.. if I’m close to you, I will advice you pull it down. Simply put.. The post isn’t worth it.

AGBO OMENKA: Its a very big pride both for the girl and her husband but there was absolutely no reason to make it public at all. Its a pride you feel within you which give you a moral standing before your children and any youth you choose to mentor in that regards but its certainly not a pride to boast about.

FESTUS APPOLOS: What is wrong in what she said and where is the pride? Have you not heard from some public speakers that are happy saying that they married as or to a virgin? Many ladies will never support her simply because they are not longer virgins. Please tell the lady to use that as an avenue to encourage the virgin’s around her jare.

GBADAMOSI ADEOLA:  Making it a public or a private matter is her business naa…. She wrote it on her timeline not mine. She is proud of it, I don’t think it should be anyone’s problem. For her, it’s one of the most beautiful things that happened to her the previous year……. She could have been at the brim of loosing it to attempted rape or to someone who wouldn’t worth it before marriage…… And she ended up getting married as a virgin….. I don’t really see any reason why she should be criticized. 

JOSHUA OSIGBODI: Thank God for her life…Anyways, posting it is on social media is not necessary.

MERCY ARIKEOLASI: She is happy cos she married as a virgin which I look forward to as well, but I wonder why our generation hate virgins. Men run away from you once they know you are a virgin. Anyone who hates her for that post is only jealous.

OLUSTEVE OJENIYI: Oh oh… in our world where LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders) are proud to say their perverted stand and celebrate this… why can’t a Christian brother or sister openly identify with pureness, chastity, and being virgin…. It can be encouragement for many. And moreover she did it on her timeline, so people must respect first her freedom to expression and also her choice of life, even though she permitted them to send in comments. Even if you are not a virgin, you can still be chaste… so it’s a choice to make rather than pulling another down by your selfish comments. #olusteve


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Now to you guys here, what is your stand with this Virginity issue? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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