Virginity is not important

Virginity is NOT Important!

Virginity Is Not Important.

You read that right. Virginity is not important. The emphasis of Virginity by the society is misplaced and the message it carries along with it is very disturbing. The more reason lots of ladies would strive hard to preserve a piece of covering over their vagina and engage in lots of immoral act and still stand tall to declare themselves Virgins.

Virginity is not Important. Chastity is.. For those who wants to play by the rule.

Some people think that chastity and virginity are synonymous, but they are not. Not all chaste people are virgins, and not all virgins are chaste.

On the other hand, some people are technically virgins, but they compromise their purity in countless ways. Many virgins assume, ‘‘As long as I retain my virginity, I’m being good. Therefore, everything short of intercourse is

They engage in Anal sex
Give and receive fellatio
More experienced than the non virgins in sexual activities.

Lets start from the scratch..

Virginity is in fact a state in which sexual intercourse has not taken place. It is the physical state of not receiving or giving penetrative sex.

To be chaste is to abstain from sex. A moral CHOICE not to have sex. Chastity doesn’t just start from our bodies, it starts from our hearts… and our hearts inform what we do about our bodies.

Whatever choice we make is entirely up to us. If two adults decides to share their level of intimacy by having sex, the ‘Virgins’ should stay on their lane with their brand of virginity and quit the condescending talks.

Vivien Adaeze

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