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Why we should start marrying village girls

Last night, I was literally in limbo; not sure what direction I wanted to go today with this column. Too many stuff in my head, but none was concrete enough until my chemist friend paid me a late night visit and we got talking about his latest romance with village girls. I picked a few stuff from him and was inspired to write this piece.

My friend is a hardworking chemist from Anambra. His store is the most popular in my area. His customer base is a very large one…in short, he is made! This dude is however unmarried at 38, and under pressure from family and friends to marry.  So, he visited yesterday and told me his plans to go to his hometown to marry one of the village girls.

I am applauding his decision to go for a village girl as against the girls we have in the city. And I have my reasons below.

In this harsh economy where everything is expensive and the dollar is ever rising, it is only normal to take certain austerity measures in areas of our lives; marriage is one of those areas. No one will subsidize a wedding for you, so you need to start acting smart in your choice of a partner.

As a fall out of our crashing currency, the economy needs to be expanded, and we are now been encouraged to buy local products in order to grow the Naira. Getting involved with a city girl is pretty expensive, the only way to go local is to pick from any of the good village girls.

The cost of maintenance is small compared to a city girl. The average village girl does not know how to club, she won’t even ask you about it. She doesn’t eat chocolates and Sharwarma. She’s never heard of Sushi and never been to Shoprite. Her hairdo is never beyond N200 because she doesn’t need Brazilian hair; her natural hair is dark and long enough. She doesn’t know Shii about Mascara or eye liner. Her best makeup is white powder and lip gloss. By the time you compare the cost, you are saving a lot of money marrying a village girl.

Are you a sucker for tasty meals like me? OMG! You need to try out these village girls. They can cook anything and everything. They cook good food that will add good nutrients and vitality to your body. They use natural ingredients and know the proper mix of them. The city girl will finish your life with spice and Maggi! On top of that, microwave is your best friend (I don’t have to bore you with the health hazards of that), and you get little or nothing other than a filled stomach… That is, if she can even cook!

Err…I didn’t want to talk about this before, but then…why not if not?

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I hear city girls are blessed with different acrobatics and creative karate skills in bed, but I put it to you that village girls are stronger and last longer (I neva try dem o, na based on research o).

Its up to you….the karate skills or the strength of a woman? Choose your pick.

I went trouble-hunting, so I asked a few city babes why they think men would prefer  village girls over them and I got some interesting responses.

Moyosore, a digital photographer said men would go for village girls because they are believed to be homely, faithful and controllable.

Olamide, a fashion trader believes village girls are seen to be good wife materials being that they are good with chores and all. (Indirectly saying city girls can do nuffin?)

Vanessa, a PR consultant and tourist thinks village girls hold sway over the men because they are not exposed, the man can control her, and his family can have control over their marriage.

Elsie…that big blogger babe…according to her, it is because the man needs a woman upon whom he can flex his muscles.

On the contrary, Esther Adeniyi – a blogger of women affairs – believes that village girls are seen to be morally upright, and easily adaptive.

When we asked a man – just one man – why he would go for a village girl, he said this.

“Village girls are chaste; most of them are virgins. They are homely and have a traceable family history. They also have respect. Village girls are not opened to the women power, girl power shit. So they can hardly challenge their husband, they still believe man is the supreme head and not as equals as feminist nowadays claim”

However, Yetunde Adeboye, an artiste, advised strongly against marrying village girls. For her, the country girls are likely not to have a bigger ambition than getting married and raising children. Hmmmm.

Err… I think with these few points off mine and these people, we have been able to confuse you and not convince you to make a quick decision.

Village girl or city girl, sha go and marry. Dollar is rising everyday. Time waits for no man.


I’m still SILICON

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  1. Hahaha, funny. But what happens when d village gal “blends” with city lifestyle. Shey dem say wen u’re in Rome, bahave like d Romans

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