What do you value most in a relationship

What do you value most in a relationship?

So many things make a relationship work, and they work in different proportions based on whom you are talking to, and the experiences they have had in their relationship. We all have different things that we look out for in a potential partner, these things are basically what most likely determines how much we are into the person; the reason why we rank them above everyone else.

Most often, what we seek in other people are factored by the values we uphold. But there have also been people who look out for values they do not have in other people. Generally, we all have that thing that ranks above everything else, which we look out for in a relationship, and that’s what we want you to share with us today.

What do you value most in a relationship?

Just before you answer, we have some respondents from social media, who have bared their thoughts on this question. Their responses opened up insights to different things people seek in a relationship. You should take a look and see what others are looking for. When sharing yours, please remember to also add why you consider it important.

Let me start with mine;

For me, I rank COMMUNICATION above anything else in all human relationships. In my relationship, I believe in talking, talking and talking. You are at liberty to talk about anything and everything that needs talking about. Communication allows for two things. The first is that it gives room for baring your mind – letting it all out without holding back – which makes you free and gives you peace. No grudges, no hard feelings. Secondly, it also allows for listening. When your partner speaks and you listen, it gives room for understanding, better reasoning, and better approach to situations. When a couple communicates well, they will be inseparable. They will become best friends and hardly have any secrets. What more, it will be quite difficult for any third party to come between them.

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That’s what I value most in a relationship.

According to some respondents on Olubukola Ozone‘s timeline where the question was originally asked:

Afuye Ademola Omo’ba said – “I value being teachable… we’re imperfect, but realizing one’s mistake and putting things right is a rare quality. It involves not claiming who’s right. Burying ones ego to learn how to be a better individual is all about being teachable. Partners who are teachable will definitely go far in their love life.”

Olayemi Ayo said – Trust and honesty. With these two virtues I mentioned, there can be commitment on my own path.”

Dba-Nafeesah A. Nkrumah said – Communication; when you befriend/marry someone you can discuss anything with, then you are lucky!”

Omidan Aderonke Enitan Adeyeye said – In one word… Companionship”

Chidimma Nene Kayla Ezenduka-Ezike said – “Fidelity”

Anifowose Paul Femi said – There is no particular thing one can value most in a relationship. It’s like a well prepared meal, the little pinch of salt is as important as the bowl of beef, each ingredient must be in accurate and adequate quantity to make it delicious and that’s how relationship should be, if it most be worthy to be called a relationship, then so many factors needs to be in play.” 

Please leave your opinion on this topic in the comments section.

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