Watch out, UIFDC is coming to the nearest University around you!

It’s just very simple, IF YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT UIFDC, YOU ARE JONZING! What is UIFDC by the way? Let’s find out.

You may not know Strathy, but he was one of the wise men of the 19th century. In 1822, he said something which still holds true today: our success in acquiring the knowledge of any art or science, depends much upon making ourselves thoroughly acquainted with its principles. This remark has defined many great accomplishments over time, and today still defines many. This remark, is what defines the approach of Strictly Street Studios in its dedication towards dancing.

For 5 years now, The Strictly Street studios arm of Sharp Threshers Global Network has dedicated itself to inspiring the young towards self-expression and self-discovery, using the many advantages of dance to provide a platform for expression for the young people through a unique approach unlike any other. This great initiative, which started as a hobby, has grown into a huge event among universities in Nigeria. The coverage is quite remarkable, but the dream is to have a wider reach and penetrate even more campuses in the country.

Let’s talk about UIFDC – University Interfaculty Dance Competition

Strictly street studios hosts the annual, highly successful Interfaculty Dance competitions among the different higher institutions in Nigeria. This competition, known as UIFDC for short, has been hosted by some Universities in Nigeria, and this year, will hold at the following campuses: University of Ilorin, University of Ibadan, University of Lagos and Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta. In its history up until now, UIFDC has had at least two thousand students in attendance every week it held. It is certain that the editions to hold this year will be no different, as they are specially packed to feature hours of non-stop fun and mind-blowing dance moves. No one on the campuses where UIFDC is billed to hold should miss it.

You see, dance, like music, is an art. Yes, it has been confused by many to be something that can only be an embellishment to music, but the message of UIFDC is that dance is strong on its own and should be approached on its own merit. The competition aims to encourage the talent of dance and to also teach dancers the business of their talent. As part of the competition, dancers are encouraged to push their limits through the exploration of genres which lie beyond their comfort zone. This competition continues into a national final where the winners from each university will have the honour of representing their school to contest for the position of the national champion. Ilorin held UIFDC in April 2016. See some pictures below:

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UIFDC - University Interfaculty Dance Competition IMG_8426 IMG_8427 IMG_8434 IMG_8439 IMG_8444 IMG_8448 IMG_8451 IMG_8461 IMG_8462 IMG_8465 IMG_8471 IMG_8510 IMG_8511 IMG_8522 IMG_8524 IMG_8525 IMG_8529 IMG_8531 IMG_8539 UIFDC - University Interfaculty Dance Competition UIFDC - University Interfaculty Dance Competition


The next edition of the UIFDC will hold in University of Lagos (Unilag) on September 1st. It moves to FUNAAB on September 16th and finally to University of Ibadan on September 23rd, 2016.


Is UIFDC the major project of Strictly Street Studios?

UIFDC is not all there is to Strictly Street Studios. There is the 360 Degrees Love Foundation, the arm which provides humanitarian services. UIFDC is usually themed towards promoting the campaign against child abuse. In 2015, the UIFDC TEAM donated materials to the Kwara state orphanage home. In 2016, the team under the aegis of 360 degrees Love Foundation will be visiting public primary schools in Ilorin, Ibadan, Abeokuta and Lagos to donate exercise books, school bags, school uniforms, lunch box and other resource materials. To encourage academic excellence, those with good grades will be given awards and cash gifts. The team will also be visiting the internally displaced persons’ camp where resource materials will be donated.

Furthermore, the organization will be equipping children wards in selected primary health care centres with beddings, bedspread, medicine, etc. The reception area of these health centres will also be painted and decorated to make it appealing to the children. That’s the addition on humanitarian project.

So, make it a date. Be on the lookout. UIFDC is coming powerfully to your neighbourhood this season. You do not want to be told how it went down.
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