Top Marriage Lessons To Learn From WAR ROOM

Top Marriage Lessons To Learn From WAR ROOM

After a lot of social media buzz by the ladies who had seen the 2015 movie, WAR ROOM (I wonder who employed them for PR sef) I eventually bowed to pressure from Adeniyi Esther especially. Initially, I thought it was a movie just for the ladies, but my mentality changed after watching the movie. My mentality received a new light and I decided to pounce on what Esther had already written about the movie. I however titled mine as the Top Marriage Lessons to learn from WAR ROOM. I found the movie really inspiring, I hope you can watch it too, after reading this.

The following are  20 Top Marriage Lessons to learn from WAR ROOM

War Room Movie

1. “Victories don’t come by accident.” We map out deliberate prayer strategies to win spiritual battles.

2. There is usually a stray woman lurking around your husband; pray for him.

3. Marital conflict disturbs children psychologically. Parents need to be sensitive to the needs of their children emotionally.

4. As a wife, you should always consult your husband before making major family decisions. Even though Tony was unfair to Elizabeth, she should have talked to him before transferring money from the joint account.

5. We all need friends on whose shoulders we can cry on. You should have just this one friend you can confide in.

6. Quality friendship is something to invest in. Tony’s friend was a very good friend; he was really concerned about Tony.

7. Unhappy couples transfer a lot of aggression to people around them.

8. Older women have big responsibilities, including grooming younger women.

9. The Lord knows the future from the beginning. He gave the Williams family only one son because that was probably what she could cope with.

10. We should pray for strategies and opportunities to witness to people.

war room 3

11. Personal evangelism involves spiritual sensitivity, seize moments and don’t waste time when you are supposed to speak to someone about Christ or at least start a conversation.

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12. You can’t serve the Lord in a lukewarm fashion. You can either be hot or cold. God wants us to be hot.

13. Our prayer lives are battle grounds. Investing time in prayer will help us fight wars that we ordinarily can’t physically.

14. “Every couple has some friction now and then.” Backgrounds, personalities and temperaments are not same.

15. Continually quarreling with your husband will get you nowhere. Turn to the Lord instead and fight your battles in prayers.

16. There is always some extra time to pray. Plan your day to include prayer time. Elizabeth assumed she didn’t have much time to pray but guess what? She found out later that she did.

17. Children always wish they are in peaceful homes. Danielle wished she had Jennifer’s kind of parents.

18. An unhappy marriage can affect other areas of living. Peaceful homes are a breeding ground for success in other areas.

19. Too much focus on quarrelling will waste your time and energy. Even your children may never get the attention they need because you are busy channeling energy somewhere else.

20. Complaining isn’t the way out, turning to God is the way out.


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