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Top 7 ways to build self-confidence

You want to build self-confidence? Follow this thread.

Quite a number of people want to be like others – outspoken, confident, outgoing, charismatic et al, but they just seem to lack the drive to become any of these even after reading many books addressing ways to build self-confidence.

Some of them resign to fate after a few tries, believing they are born that way and may never be able to change who they are. So they continue to be subdued and passing on so many opportunities to truly reach for their peak. You can’t blame these people because the reality remains that building true confidence is a gradual process. No one is going to turn into a positive, self-confident person overnight.

But if you’re in need of some extra confidence, here are top seven sure-fire ways to build self-confidence and face life with renewed enthusiasm and vigour.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

The worst thing you can do is compare yourself to others. Remember that you’re seeing the surface of their lives, not the underlying reality. Focus instead on what’s important—your own strengths and goals. This is one of the most important ways to build self-confidence.

Remember That the Loudest Is Not the Most Confident

We tend to look to the blow-your-own-horn types as the confident ones—but some of the most successful people are gentle giants, humble and self-effacing people who we admire more and more as we come to appreciate their depth.

Keep Your Limiting Beliefs at Bay

Even the most successful people have limiting beliefs about themselves, but the biggest difference is that they choose to focus on their strengths and possibilities instead of their limits. This is also an integral aspect of the several ways to build self-confidence

Live in a Positive Reality

Don’t say anything about yourself that you don’t want to become a reality. Positive thoughts and words alone won’t make you a more confident person, but confident people do think a lot of positive things about themselves. Remind yourself of what you’re capable of and what you’ve already accomplished.

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Don’t Mask It

Self-confidence isn’t the impression you give others but how you feel about yourself. It’s all about who you are, where you are, and where you want to be in your own life and leadership.

Change Only What You Can

Confident people know they cannot change the past, but they can change the future. They make daily choices that lead them toward the future they want to live out.

Be Fully Committed

Be fully committed to doing whatever you can to build your success every single day, and to accepting full responsibility for your life. If it’s uncomfortable, you’re probably on the right track. Don’t procrastinate; do what it takes without agonizing or drama. This came last because it is the one that requires a lot of action from you and open doors to the other ways of building self-confidence for you!
These seven secrets can uncover your confidence from within—the kind of confidence that gives you sole responsibility for everything in your life.


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