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Top 5 qualities of a Posh Boyfriend

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Are you a lady looking for a posh boyfriend? Hehehehe. We got you covered today. Here is a list of top 5 qualities you should look for in a posh boyfriend. If he is lacking in ALL of the areas to be mentioned in this piece, my dear, it is safe to say that you still have a long way to go.

Are you that guy who wants an upgrade? Let’s pimp you up with these qualities. lol.

Find below the top five qualities and characteristics of a truly posh boyfriend.

1. Money is not a problem:

You know your boyfriend is posh when he spends on you anyhow. He takes you shopping and doesn’t bother checking the price tags as you pick, pick, pick…and pick again! Sighs* we just love posh boyfriends.


2. Dress sense:

You know your boyfriend is posh when his dress sense is on FLEEK every other day. He knows the right accessories to combine every single time. If you are not careful, he will beat you to your game every single day!


3. He treats you like Royalty:

This should have come first.. BAE is definitely tush if he treats you like the queen that you are. A posh boyfriend knows how to treat his lady right! Rose flowers, Good morning and night text messages, dedicates love songs to you (oh boy..! I’m on cloud 9 right now… swoons….) Seriously tho, this just make him La Tush, Le Posh…(can I stop dreaming already??)


4. He’s smart:

How can I leave this out? You cannot, I mean absolutely CANNOT be tush or posh and not be smart. How does that even work? You can’t be all dressed up and have an empty head, that’s a deal breaker anyday. A posh boyfriend should know a little bit about (almost) everything and can hold intelligent conversations. If you are not smart, there ain’t anything posh or tush about you mbok.

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5. He doesn’t make noise:

Now this might tickle some brows but really ladies, if he makes so much noise about how much he has or how posh he is, then he is just as fake as most of the celebs. The real posh guys know themselves, they don’t struggle with it. They just live it, they don’t have to talk you into seeing it.


That’s your complete starter-pack if you want to make your announcement as a posh dude. Not so hard, is it?

And that’s it on lighthearted segment this week.

Till we meet again….ciao!!!!

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  2. The spending without asking for price disqualifies him for him. .. Because I can’t deal with such a man.

    Other qualities are good to go, especially smart.

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