To die or to love by Precious Abatan

TO DIE OR TO LOVE by Precious Abatan


by Precious Abatan

The shiny blades kissed his neck;
Slowly and slowly,
His throat was slit;
The knife moved back and forth,
Each movement came with a scream,
A scream conceived by excruciating  pain.

His blood flowed freely;
From the knife, down to the sands.
She watched in horror;
Clueless and helpless.
As the devil himself performed the ritual.

He fought the battle of life;
He basked in the euphoria of torture;
She, in that of agony .
He took on last scream,
As he breathed his last.

She wept uncontrollably;
As he died to pay the price ,
The price for love.

She wished she could stop it;
Stop the insanity,
Kill the crazy law,
Help lovers love in peace.

If wishes were horses though,
She thought as she breathed her last.

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