To cheat or to masturbate

To Masturbate or Cheat; which would you rather do?

This is going to be really controversial, but it is an issue we need to discuss as youths as a lot of people either cheat or masturbate. Mind you, the intent of this is not to weigh one over the other, but to look at the deep meanings of both acts and why they are wrong…or not entirely wrong. So, please go through with an open mind, and likewise leave your comment with all respect for everyone concerned. Thank you.

*Opinion Poll*

Evaluate the following statement made by a young man.

“I’d rather masturbate than cheat on my wife!”

To cheat or to masturbate

Anything wrong with his statement?



Olanrewaju Olubukola says It depends…If he’s the type of person who sees masturbation as a normal way of life, it means he’ll masturbate, after which he’ll cheat on his wife.  But if he’s the type of person who finds masturbation a more serious offense to himself than cheating, it means he’s trying to say he’ll never cheat on his wife.  More like saying, “I’d rather become a slave than become a thief”. In this instance, the person is trying to say he’ll never become a thief.”

Victor Babatunde says “His statement could be either metaphoric or an ironical one, depending on the intent of the person saying it. However, infidelity is a sin and likewise masturbation. Faithfulness in marriage requires a strong self discipline, as a matter of fact, you don’t need to indulge in any form of sexual sin before you cheat on your spouse…”

Deborah Adesina says “In my opinion its one and the same thing. If we go by ‘Olanrewaju Olubukola’ 2nd analogy. To cheat on someone (sexually) is to derive any form of sexual pleasure from someone else other than that approved someone. Masturbation allows him to give himself pleasure. So in a way he is still cheating on his wife but this time with himself.”

Bosun Banjoko says “Infidelity is a sin but masturbation is not but unhealthy; there are negative psychosexuaI and physiological effects”

Olachi Grace says “As a man when you derive any sort of satisfaction which you are meant to derive from your partner elsewhere that is simply cheating. so Mr, if you indulge yourself in masturbation you are not only cheating your wife, you are also killing yourself. case closed….same applies to a womanAwe OIubusuyi then asks If your wife encourages you to masturbate due to not being available for whatever reason nko? Would you call that cheating too?

Amos Ajewole asks Why should you masturbate when you are married?#JustBeingCurious”  Ronke Olumi replies “In cases where the couple are not together,one is in lagos,the other person is in ghana,what would happen when one of them gets ‘fired up’? lets be practical.there are also instances couple engage in it as a form of far it isnt used as a means of denying the other person of his/her conjugal rights,i dont see any harm in it”

Yinka Adelani says “Sexual pleasures can take whatever form both parties mutually agree to engage in….so if your partner gives the consent then its up to you…..well this topic cannot be discussed until we can prove that masturbation is a sin”

Aboloye Oluwatoyosi says I wish men can learn self control rather than masturbate. The thing is masturbation is a sin like wise adultery. So a wise man will learn self control.”

Abiola Shalom says “Patience Jonathan part two…”I would rather kill myself than commit sucide” lol! abeg, watin b the difference?

Olagoke Temitope says “If the belief that masturbating in order to avoid adultery is right. Then singles could also believe that they could masturbate in order to avoid fornication. Yes, they have avoided fornication but they have masturbated. Their craving for sexual intimacy at that time have overcome them…Lust. When an individual has cravings for sexual intimacy, what thoughts go through the individual’s head and mind? What does the individual visualize or imagine? Remember what Jesus said about lusting after a woman in your heart. You don’t have to act it out before you sin. Now, relate that with thoughts of sexual craving. Let’s not dignity masturbation by believing that it helps us to overcome adultery.”

Adetona Davies says “The questions to ask anyone indulged in masturbation:
The first day you started the ‘act’, what led to it?

Where do you start the first act?

Who was with you when you are doing it?

What time of the day when you did it and subsequent ones?

If you are a married man with children, when you are doing it, if your son or daughter bump into the room without knocking, what will be your reaction?

In your heart, be sincere with your answers!

The act of masturbation by any man, either single or married develops from LUST! YOU NEVER START IT WHEN YOU ARE HOLDING BIBLE OR IN CHURCH, NEITHER IS IT DONE OPENLY OR PROUDLY DISPLAYED!

Readers, back to you. To cheat or to masturbate? What do you think?



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  1. Oluwatosin Ezekiel

    Masturbation is a sin as well as cheating, but there is less risk of contacting STD’s and other problems associated with infidelity like child out of wedlock, emotional trauma,financial issues,and other scandalous act,masturbation on the hand can be a self destructive and addicted act,if care is not taken! For me,none is good, abstinence from sex before marriage is the best,and even in marriage,Faithfulness to one’s spouse is the best that can make a relationship last through thick and thin!

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