Tiwa Savage and Teebillz split

TIWA SAVAGE and TEEBILLZ SPLIT: The Conspiracy Theory (True or False)

Barely 24 hours after the release of her new video, we woke up to the shocking news of Tiwa Savage and TeeBillz split after the latter took to his instagram page to make outrageous accusations against his wife, her mother and even taking a dig at his own father and other celebs. We decided to look closely and not react from afar, hence the essence of this conspiracy theory write-up. Was Teebillz’ account hacked? Could it be true that the marriage is headed for the rocks? Let’s investigate together, based on resources available to us. 

Please note that this is not the end, the inquest continues as more facts emerge, but for now, here is our investigations into the Tiwa Savage and TeeBillz Split.

Tiwa Savage and TeeBillz Split

TeeBillz took us back in history to how he met Tiwa through Wale. We believe he started with this to prove how much impact he has had in her life, and how he feels he should have gotten more than he is allegedly currently from her. Please keep in mind that we are dealing with just one side of this story, as at this moment. Below is another trip down memory lane, leading to their first kiss and decision to get married.


Tiwa Savage and Teebillz Split

How then did it go bad?


Teebillz goes further to reveal how much he had given up in terms of work and money for Tiwa’s success. He then introduces Tiwa’s mum into the story, subtly accusing her of being the one behind his marriage crisis and whatever ill-luck he is (may be) currently facing, just as she did to Tiwa’s Dad! Now that’s a lot to give away. Could this be the work of a hacker? This hacker must surely have valuable intel about this family!


Spiritual battle! Hmmm… there must be a lot supernaturally wrong with Teebillz than we know about. He’s had to  battle with his family all his life (even his parents can testify, lol), and now he thinks his inlaw’s battle is much more to handle. Now, he demands a public confession from a woman who is allegedly fighting him spiritually. We have some names mentioned here though; apart from Jamil who I believe is too young to speak or know anything right now, we may need to find Gaetano, Olabisi and Onah to give us insider info about this story. If this is the work of a hacker, he sure has implicated these names and they should come out and confirm this story or refute (that’s if they can sha).


He left the music business in order not to compete with his wife? They aren’t even exactly in the same business! He is supposed to be an admin person, while his wife remains the artist to be ‘admin-ed’. Whatever went wrong with him remaining as her manager? Ok, fine…it may have been a good decision to step aside, but why does he think it is witchcraft responsible for his failures afterwards? This hacker must know too much, if Teebillz account was really hacked on this one!


Mental torture! It’s normal for a man to feel mentally tortured and rid of his manhood when he is not doing anything profitable to support the family, and it’s his wife who’s the busier and more profitable. He admits that he has not been the best of husbands! (Does anyone remember Teebillz’ statement on abuse?) The part where his clothes were thrown out is up for confirmation by close friends, but revealing his father’s marriage history in such a way will definitely put Teebillz in the ‘prodigal’ category; not only with his own direct family, but with his parents. Hmmm, this hacker has done too much damage already, hasn’t he?


We will need to ascertain if the OMAWUNMI referred to here is the one we all know, then maybe she can help us with info. Annie Idibia and Anita were mentioned too (the list of witnesses don dey grow o), they allegedly played the role of wife for Teebillz when his wife was not there to even ask if her husband has eaten for 3years! We need to also see what was mounted in the house by Tiwa’s mum. lol. Wait, who became popular first? Tiwa or Teebillz? Who’s using who’s star? This hacker must be drunk sha.

Tiwa Savage and Teebillz Split

Don baba J, Dr. Sid, and even 2baba whose wife was helping Tiwa cook home-cooked meals for Teebillz all allegedly slept with Tiwa??? Kai… what goes on in these celeb’s world ehn?? But all na allegation sha…this hacker is causing too much trouble already…or is it still Teebillz making all these allegations? I hear the rumour has always been there… hmmm.


It appears there was little Teebillz could have done to avoid this situation afterall. He told us how it appears the streak has moved from his father to him. Fatalism or Hereditary?  Only God understands… but hey! have you been taking note of some major grammatical blunder in these posts? Hmmm…

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Tiwa Savage and Teebillz Split

Now after shocking everybody, he wants to commit suicide! Nooooooo!

We have to stop here and ask… is this truly Teebillz or we are dealing with a hacker?

The grammatical blunders might be a pointer to prove that hacking is what we are dealing here. Taking a look at previous posts from Teebillz, you will hardly see errors. The dude has a better command of English language than what went on display today.

On the flipside however, it is possible that all his posts have been handled by a social media manager…until TODAY.


Well, barely 24 hours after Teebillz’ outburst on social media, his wife, Tiwa granted a somewhat premeditated interview with Pulseng to share her own side of the story. She made some shocking revelations about Teebillz that may make one confirm that Teebillz’ account wasn’t hacked afterall. The interview rather bothered on Tiwa’s husband being irresponsible and the capital cause of the marriage crisis. Without having to write much here, you can view the full video below:


More facts are still emerging about the shocking split. Earlier today, GISTMANIA also released an insider view which goes thus:

A source in the know, exclusively revealed to GISTMANIA that Tiwa’s relationship with Don Jazzy ended before her marriage to Teebillz and her affair with 2Face was a one-time thing which also happened a long time ago so Tunji bringing it up was a desperate need for points.

Though Teebillz accused his wife of also sleeping with label mate Dr Sid, the source said it isn’t possible. In her own words: “Dr Sid ba wo? Maybe he was the one buying the condoms for Don Jazzy.”

Though reports of Tiwa allegedly sleeping with money bags in Nigeria in order to advance her career were prevalent years ago, the source insinuated that her manager and fiance at the time, knew about it and she opened up to him about all her previous relationships but he thought he could handle it.

According to the source:

“Honestly, they are both lying and it’s okay so you demonic bloggers don’t take advantage of the situation. Fact is, they both knew what they were getting into. He beat her up many times and she took it because they both had dirt on each other. I particularly was mad at Tiwa way before she even agreed to marry him. Heck, he was fraudulent way before his coming back to Nigeria. What ruined his relationship with Sauce Kid and co? His other baby mama nko? Go and ask. Ask the big boys in LA about Tee Billions and you will hear his gist. Bi-polar oshi wo? He is toxic, leave his mental issues out of it. Bringing a baby into the toxic relationship pissed off most of us.”
It’s unclear why Tiwa Savage decided to settle for a society wedding with her alleged pimp and abuser, but the source who is close to the couple claims age was probably the reason as it can’t be love.
The source further revealed their marriage almost ended months after they got married, adding that Tiwa discovered her husband was spending her money on things they don’t need. Also Teebillz allegedly kept blackmailing her about her extra-marital affairs. He kept hanging her alleged relationship with oil magnate, Femi Otedola, over her head.
According to the source:
“He accused her of sleeping with Otedola in the early months of her pregnancy. He slapped and locked her out when she was pregnant due to stories of the affair. She never told us if she indeed slept with the man but her husband kept hammering on it. Even if she did, why didn’t he just walk? Let me answer that, he’s broke and in debt and needs that Otedola money.”

GISTMANIA also gathered that the couple abused substances during the course of their relationship. Its unclear if Tiwa was around drugs during her pregnancy, but another source claims they both abused illicit substances.
The source said:
“While Teebillz was blowing money on women, booze and coke, Tiwa was smoking fish. Abeg make she no lie. Yes, the guy get craze for head, but Tiwa sef mental.”
Tiwa who has opened up on issues in their marriage has confirmed most of these allegations. We only hope they do what is best for their baby’s sake.


What do you think about the Tiwa Savage and Teebillz Split so far?



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