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10 tips for dating again after staying single for so long

It can be difficult to go on dates and meet new people after being single for some time. And that’s where we begin asking how to start dating after a long break. To make returning to dating arena easier for you, we put together a list of tips that helps you get back to dating.

How to get back to dating

1) Use new technologies. Our world is constantly changing, including dating. There are a lot of different social networks, dating apps and websites out there to use. Besides, if you feel like trying something new and exotic, learn how to meet pretty girls and cute guys, locally or abroad to date a single Ukrainian girl.

2) Ask your friends to introduce you to someone. Your friends know you well, so they will try to find the most suitable option.

3) Go to the park, café, or other places where a lot of people gather. There, the atmosphere itself will push you to get acquainted with someone.

4) Don’t focus on yourself alone, try to communicate more and attend various events. For example, go cycling with your friends. The more people you meet, the more likely you are to find your soul mate.

5) Go to a speed-dating event. This is a great way to communicate with new people while not being obliged to stay in touch with them after. Such events are organized in many cities and are popular with busy people.

6) Go on a double date. Perhaps one of your friends has a single friend, and you can go to the cinema together or go beaching.

7) Watch movies with a good ending. These can be romantic comedies that will tune you into the right mood.

8) Ask for advice from a friend of yours. Perhaps they will tell you the secret of their long relationships, and you’ll be able to change something about yourself. So you’ll feel more confident and ready for a new experience.

9) Find new hobbies. Try to get distracted from unpleasant thoughts and do something new and interesting. Besides, it’s a great way to make new friends.

10) Respond to the signs of attention. Your future soul mate may smile at you in the store or have a chat with you in the park. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet someone new.

What to remember when you get back to dating after a long break

You don’t need to have sex right away

Determine what you are willing to do on your first date after a long break. You don’t lose anything if you just go to a movie theater, have a cup of coffee, or just take a stroll. A date that doesn’t oblige you to anything is a perfect option that won’t make you nervous.

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Keep your phone in your pocket

We are so used to living in social networks, that a smartphone becomes the main attribute for us. Turn the sound off, put the phone aside, and try not to use it until the date is over. You just came out from the Web into real life, and there are many interesting things in it. For example, there’s a beautiful girl in front of you.

Don’t start telling about your problems

Despite that you’re very interesting and multilateral person, don’t lay out the whole biography on the first date. There’s a priest in the church to whom you can tell about your little sins, and there’s a shrink to tell about the problems that you faced recently. Women usually have more skeletons in the closet than men, so if she starts complaining about her life, you’ll immediately run away from her five minutes after the date begins.

Put yourself in her place and try to seem an easy-going person. Speak on abstract topics, and not about your illnesses, sufferings, and experiences. Want to relax? So do just that. And don’t talk about your past relationships. It’s enough that now you’re free and open to new acquaintances.

In conclusion

Returning to dating after being single for a while can be difficult. Here, uncertainty and emotional work are waiting for you. However, here you can also find different opportunities to meet your soul mate. In any case, you can expect new impressions and positive emotions when you get back to dating. Try not to be nervous before a date and enjoy it.

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