things that prevent you from having great sex

5 Things That Prevent You From Having Great Sex

Having an explosive sex is all about timing, communication and spontaneity. A great sex can make you smile all through the day, with your mind on the next mind blowing sex you will have with your partner, so much that your colleagues or clients will notice the spark on your face.  Bad sex, or a not the great sex on the other hand, can make your day frustrating and annoying. What really are those things that prevent you from having great sex? Let’s find out together.

A great sex is fueled by different mechanism, and if you miss the mechanisms I will be sharing with you in today’s post, or if you live in the oblivion of knowing how important any of the mechanism is, you are on the verge of losing your partner on the bed.

The following are top five things that prevent you from having great sex with your partner.

Physical fitness

 Fit men are sexy, aren’t they?

Research has it that women who are physically active report great sexual desire, arousal, and satisfaction than women who are sedentary.
Increased blood glow helps explain why exercise leads to better sexual function in men as well.

Physical activity, especially strength training can increase levels of testosterone, which may boost sex drive in men and women.
Albeit, daily vigorous exercise can increase your chances of having a low libido.

Just as you require strength, stamina, flexibility at your daily activity, these characteristics are also pivotal on the bed. You never never underestimate the power of a physically fit partner.

Lacking in the proper physical fitness ranks top among things that prevent you from having great sex with your lover. Always remember to keep fit.

No foreplay

Taking drugs, things that prevent you from having great sex.
Make time for foreplay, don’t just get into sex!

Foreplay refers to the preliminary acts preceding the sexual intercourse. It is the crucial part of the entire sexual experience. It is very important, especially for women, it enhances arousal, hence it causes the erection of the clitoris.

The clitoris functions similarly to the penis. During foreplay, blood rushes to the clitoris, which leads to erection and it is necessary to achieve an orgasm. Foreplay also elicits vaginal wetness, it makes it easier and painless for both, you and your partner.

A foreplay is not as difficult as so many people claim it is, it allows your sexual experience sweeter sex. If you want to have an amazing sex next time, don’t ignore the foreplay rule. Rushed foreplay or total absence of it prevents you from having great sex, no matter how horny you are.

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Living on pills

Drugs can affect your libido, for the better or worse.

If your sex life is not what you think it should be, it could be the doctor’s prescription you are taking. Many people don’t know it, but drugs are among the most common causes of sexual problems, and could be one of the things that prevent you from having great sex.

Studies shows that prescription medications are responsible for as many as one of the every four cause of sexual dysfunction, and this figure may understate the extent of the problem.

Examples of common drugs that affect sexual desires, blood pressure medication decreases blood flow which can interference with erections and ejaculation in men.

It can lead to vaginal dryness, a decrease in desire in achieving orgasm in women. Antidepressants can cause impotence and decreased libido and ejaculation failure.

Financial constraint

being broke, things that prevent you from having great sex. Glowville
When he’s broke, he may not be in the mood for great sex.

Being broke affects the emotions of a man. If your man is broke, his penile nerves can also be broke, (just kidding). Next time, your man is not doing the do well, which is unusual of him, talk to him about his goals, appreciate him, tell him how much you believe in him, and finally let your hands and lips do the rest work… Then the action begins.

Sexual disorder

Sexual disorder is also called sexual dysfunction. A sexual disorder does not mean that something is wrong with you. It can affect any one at any point in life. It can be traced to physical setback, changes in one’s lifestyle.
When you notice the symptoms of sexual disorder, which include painful sex, vagina pain, erectile disorder and many others, do not panic, talk to your partner about it and get treated.

These are five things that prevent you from having great sex.
Don’t just express your love for your partner with your words, let your emotions express itself by your actions in the bedroom.

I hope you have a mind blowing sex after reading this.

As written by Adeola for Glowville Blog 

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