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Lines you should not cross in a relationship

A relationship is always about two different individuals trying to live together; this involves a lot of communication, understanding, compromises and adjustments.  However, there are a few things that you need to be very careful about in your relationship. These things do not only hurt the person, but can also spoil your relationship. I’d like to categorize them as lines you should not cross in a relationship.

It’s is very important to be free with your partner in a relationship, but it is also important to note that there are few lines you should not cross in a relationship, in the course of being free with your communication. You need to take extra care in the understanding of what to share and what to steer clear of to keep the relationship working.

The following are a lines you should not cross in a relationship and a few other relationship advice to adjust well with the person you love.

Blaming each other

This is one of the things that easily happens in a relationship, which you should try to avoid. The blame game does not only hurt your partner, it sometimes creates an indelible memory which may hurt your relationship on the long run. The first instinct, in the face of a problem, may be to to blame your partner. But if you take a deep breathe and think about the situation, you may be actually realize the folly in throwing blames. Learn to share responsibility with your partner, and be willing to play your part in remedying a bad situation.

Blaming the in-laws

Families become more important after you get married. One important relationship advice will be not to indulge in blaming the in-laws for any bad situation that arises between you and your spouse. Their behaviour or their actions are not things that you will want to bring up in a fight. This will only worsen the argument. Instead, try staying focused on the problem and try and find a solution. This is an important line you should try not to cross, as your partner may heavily misconstrue your words.

Comparing with the ex

This can be very delicate, like the one about the in-laws. Hence, it is important you put it at the top of your list of things you should not talk about in a relationship. You have chosen your partner…and for as long as possible, so stop comparing them with your ex, and saying it to their face! This will always affect your relationship and they might begin to lose confidence that they are the right person for you. Forget the ex and live in the present. This is another person, live with him. If you can’t, leave as peacefully as possible.

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Political and Religious beliefs

This one is like fuel waiting for fire to show how volatile it can be. If you constantly try to enforce your religious or political beliefs on your partner, it will eventually end in an argument or a confrontation. In fact, these are not things that you will want to talk about in any conversations. Your views and ideas maybe different, but that doesn’t mean that they are wrong or right. If you have chosen to be with them despite the difference, you should be ready to live with them. They are not broken, stop trying to fix them!

Job Comparisons

Another relationship advice would be to keep any job comparisons out of the topic. Try not to compare your spouse’s job with that of his/her colleague or friend. You can motivate your partner without necessarily putting them under pressure, or making them feel inadequate. If you are not happy with who they are and what they earn, then you should help them get better, not bitter.


If you take extra care in making your partner happy, you will find happiness too. That’s what we think. Do you know of some other topics to avoid in a relationship? Please be kind to share with us in the comment box below.



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