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5 Things Men Should Avoid On A First Date

There is usually a kind of excitement some men feel when going on a first date. They may not like to admit it, but it’s there. Often times, this excitement leads them into making some errors when the date arrives, and if unchecked, it could mar the entire objective of the date.

Today, we have Immaculate Uchechi here, to explore five common mistakes guys make on a first date. And the objective of this article is to help them begin to avoid these mistakes. Please read and take notes.

1. Asking too much questions

It’s a date and not an interview. So, instead of asking too much questions why not make statements. Statements reveal so much about your personality; makes it more conversational rather than asking questions like you need answers to make a decision. It could pass you off wrongly to your date, and you may never get a second chance; especially if you are on a date with someone who’s averse to too many questions.

2. Ogling at the beautiful girl(s) that just passed

This is a huge turn off for any lady. If you can’t seem to keep your eyes off every ‘distraction’ and focus on who you are on a date with, it says a lot about the respect you have for your date. You’ll be making a fool of yourself and much worse getting her irritated with this act. No matter how beautiful the girl at the other corner is, ignore and try not to pay any glaring attention.

3. Talking so much about yourself/Being boastful

Believe me she doesn’t want to hear all those things about you.  You took her out on a date, allow her have a conversation. Women hate it when the conversation is all about you, makes you appear so full of yourself.  And yes, you don’t have to be boastful, even if you are the richest man in Bahamas, please play it cool and be humble.
It’s even worse when you are claiming what you are not. Women can spot a fake confidence and mannerism in a second. Be yourself rather than doing all what not in the bid to impress her, and see if she likes you that way. Who knows? She just might be ready to go along with you.

4. Spending half the date on your phone

If you spend half the date chatting with some other persons on your phone or checking football scores, I assure she wouldn’t want to a second date after that. You should put off your data and drop your phone, lest you make the whole date a boring affair for her. Don’t be surprised if you never see her after that date. You may have shown her a glimpse of what she’ll be dealing with if she gives you a chance to be her man.

5. Searching through her bag/going through her phone

This is the most annoying thing a guy can do on a first date.  A woman’s bag is a no go area, even for a person she’s comfortable with much less you she’s going out with for the first time. Don’t even consider it, women HATE it!
Also, don’t go through her phones.  Why would you even demand or pick up the phone in the first place? And when she tries to control herself and not flare up, so it wouldn’t seem as if she’s overreacting, you start to ransack the phone. You are most likely not to see her again, so just don’t! It is not cool, at all.


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Is there anything else we missed out about what guys should not do on a first date? Help state it in the comments section.

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