The Poisoned Chalice

THE POISONED CHALICE | 1 Mystery; 7 to the Rescue

Let’s begin by officially welcoming you to 2016.  May you find answers to many questions this year.

What Questions?

There is a mystery always lurking around the corner that needs unravelling, a tough secret that should be discovered. If you look closely and seek inwardly, you will realize there are a lot of unanswered questions about you, about life, about humanity. There are a lot of day-to-day activities we take for granted, but which need utmost attention because they carry deep mysteries that are beyond us. We only get to solve these mysteries when we look closely.

Let’s consider one of such mysteries.

As humans, we are figuratively likened to a chalice; a cup intended to hold a drink. Our bodies represent the chalice, the drink represents what we carry (our dreams, goals, aspirations et al).

The Poisoned Chalice

Chalices are used for royal and religious purposes; they are carried by people of worth and used during elevated events. Chalices are used to carry sacred content; hence they are expected to be ready and safe for use. It then becomes a mystery when a chalice is poisoned.

A poisoned chalice bodes evil and puts a lot at high risk of fatal danger.

Many questions then arise; how did the chalice get poisoned? Who is at risk of drinking from the poisoned chalice? How does this poisoned chalice relate with us? What lessons can we learn from the poisoned chalice?

It is one tough puzzle and we need to solve it ASAP in order to save many lives.


We have recognized SEVEN KNIGHTS who will go deep into the forest of mysteries to find answers that will save humanity and set us on a path to life.

These Seven Knights are men and women of valor, who will employ their skill as story tellers, their foresight, wisdom and talents in bringing hope to mankind. They are on a creative challenge to take on one mission from seven different perspectives.

It’s an adventure, an excitement an exposition of true strength and valor.

7 Knights, One Story.




Olubunmi Mabel | The Poisoned Chalice

OLUBUNMI MABEL is a nurse, blogger, a psychologist in training and author of the sensational novel ‘RESCUE LADIES’. Her passion for meaningful living, healthy psyche, gender fairness and fulfilling relationships find expression in her writings online and offline. She is the knight leading the first expedition to seek answers to the mystery of the Poisoned Chalice.


Elsie Godwin | The Poisoned Chalice



ELSIE GODWIN is a blogger, entrepreneur, and media personality of repute. She is a fearless advocate of what is real and the truth. She is a lady with a passion to help people lead healthy lifestyle and make blissful relationships easy to achieve. She will be in charge of the second voyage in search of answers to the mystery of the Poisoned Chalice.

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Olarinde Samuel | The Poisoned Chalice




OLARINDE SAMUEL is a Human Resource Professional. He possesses a strong passion for finding something good and making it better. He is innovative and always willing to make a positive change through his craft as a writer. He is set to lead the third charge into finding answers to the mystery of the Poisoned Chalice.


Olamide Christianah | The Poisoned Chalice



OLAMIDE CHRISTIANAH possesses an undeniable thirst for purposeful living. She is a thought leader, social writer and blogger with great panache. She employs the creative use of wit, humour and sass as tools to spread truths that affect our everyday lives. She is on the forefront of the fourth mission to bring home answers to the mystery of the Poisoned Chalice.


Tope Akinbode | The Poisoned Chalice



TOPE BOLADE AKINBODE is an award-winning writer with class. She has written for many popular TV franchise that we know and beautiful feature-length films. She possesses a rare trait as a writer with an out of the box imagery. This uniqueness will come to the fore in the fifth quest for answers to the mystery of the Poisoned Chalice.


Omoolorun Kayode | The Poisoned Chalice


OMOOLORUN KAYODE is a leadership and communications person who loves to sculpt words into engaging pieces. He is on a never-ending quest to push the limits. He is ready to push through the sixth exploration into answers for the mystery of the Poisoned Chalice.


Lekan Olofinji | The Poisoned Chalice


LEKAN OLOFINJI is a creative writer with repute. He is a wide reader who possesses a wide range of knowledge in diverse subjects. He is an idealist with a knack for controversies and realism intertwined by a pinch of sarcasm. He will spearhead the seventh commission to bring home answers to the mystery of the poisoned chalice.


You won’t have to wait for too long, the mystery is about to be unraveled.

Stay with us.

It is an adventure like never before; do not miss a part of it.


The first episode of the mysteries of the Poisoned Chalice comes up on Sunday, January 10, 2016.


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  1. Wow. I thought this was a game. You got me there. I like the creativity in this. Kudos. Will keep a date next week.

  2. I can’t wait for this to be unraveled. *fingerscrossed* 👍👍👍

  3. Fakuade Oluwatofunmi

    I enjoyed every bit of these stories…. More grease to your elbows …

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