extra-marital affairs

A letter to every guy currently cheating on his girlfriend

Why waste a lady’s time when you are convinced that she is not the chosen one, yet you give her the impression that you’ve already married her?
Why hide your relationship status just to flirt some more?
What does a serious relationship mean to you?
Why share your heart to multiple relationships, denying even the chosen one the best of you?

This is the foundation for unfaithfulness sown. These are polygamous tendencies activated. If as a single man, you are already attached to multiple ladies at a season, then, a potential wife should run away from you. That’s because you are a perfect specimen of extra-marital affairs in the nearest future.
Deal with this before you think of marriage. Don’t marry under this condition hoping to change after marriage. Marriage does not make people settle down. It is self-control that does that and the spirit of self-control is what you should pray for before getting married.

extra-marital affairs

There is honour in godly men that are bold to stand for their relationships. Men that will not lie about their relationship status, just because they want to mess around. Save that energy for serious matters of destiny.

Faithful men can increase. Let’s take that decision together. Let’s see you today and picture a successful sincere marriage in future. This is not time to play games. All the ones you’ve played so far have probably left hearts wounded or made you weak in response to your destiny calling.

The real man knows how to service the one and only marital relationship in his hands up to the altar. He knows how to continue in it even when he suddenly feels that the lady is not as beautiful as he first saw her. A correct man will learn how to polish a lady till her value is raised up for the world to envy. He knows how to keep beholding beauty in the lady he declared intentions of marrying.

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Emotions can lead you to more ladies but it takes a decision to shut down emotional pumps towards strange places and propose to just one lady, loving her with your heart and not your head, climaxing it at the altar then sparking the flames of love all over again as a family.

Make a decision. Seek spiritual help (if you believe) from the forces of lust. Help my heart to stay on you. It is essential for you to deal with every attention in the wrong places.


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