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9 Special Qualities of A Woman Worth Keeping

A lot of us (talking to the menfolk especially) have that particular ex we wish we could go back to, because of that special quality they possessed which we have not found in another person. Most often that not, we lost these special people because we took them for granted, and if we could turn back the hands of time, we would have acted differently. If you are reading this, and you are currently taking that special woman for granted, be wise and take heed; she is a woman worth keeping.

Women are a blessing from God, they can give so much to those they love. On the flipside, it is important to note that not all women can do that. Therefore, you should consider yourself lucky if you have the kind of woman in your life that completes you and complements your existence. So when you find a woman worth keeping, do yourself the favour and keep her!

Here are some qualities in the kind of woman worth keeping.

She believes in you.

I remember having a friend who was absolutely clueless and seemed lost in life. He couldn’t keep a job and hardly ever succeeded in any of the businesses he ventured into. However, after he found his special someone, he suddenly started making success out of his endeavours and shocked everyone! That is the kind of woman you need in your life. Her belief in you can boost your morale enough to make you do wonders.

She prioritizes you over others.

In the modern era, you cannot just jail a woman. She leaves home, goes out and interacts with other men. She may even have male friend, but she will know your place. She will know that the only man important to her is you and your opinions, decisions and choices will matter to her. No other male will have as much power over her as you do.

She is hard working.

From preparing the children for school, to keeping the house in shape, to handling a nine-to-five job – she is just your SuperWoman! She will take out time to do almost anything and then handle it well. From baking with your children on Sundays to just enjoying a good book on a Saturday, she knows what to do and when to do it! Hey, this is not say you are not to help out, but if you have a woman who makes everything look easy, please keep her!

You can make her blush.

No matter how old or strong a woman is, her special someone always has enough power over her to make her blush. From simply repeating your wedding vows to teasing her over something you said to her when you proposed, you can easily make her blush. A shy smile from a woman is something you should cherish, forever!

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She is principle-centred.

There is no match for a woman who holds her morals and principles highly. She has a set of values and beliefs that matter a lot to her and she will not bend them for anyone. If she doesn’t lie or cheat, she will never do it in a million lives. She will be the perfect example for your children to follow and you should respect that.

woman worth keeping

She doesn’t suffocate you.

Overly attached women are a nuisance! I’m a woman myself and I hate such women! Your perfect woman will never mistrust you and will never bother you. She will know that you might not be replying because you are busy or she wouldn’t mind when you want to go and hang out with your friends on a Saturday night.

She isn’t shy of admitting that she needs you.

In this age of feminism, women have convinced themselves that men are more of a hurdle in their lives. However, she is different. She believes that sometimes, she needs you as her sanity pill. She will be okay with breaking down in front of you and crying in front of you.

She doesn’t taunt you all the time.

You had a horrible week at work and almost everything was going wrong, and you accidentally forgot your anniversary. She might get mad at you but she will get over it. A mature woman wouldn’t feel the need to constantly taunt you for the mistakes you made in the past. She will treat you like a human being.

She loves God!

I cannot go without mentioning this. I had to leave this last because it is the most fundamental thing that could possibly make everything I listed above come real. A woman who loves God will not have issues loving her husband and her family. God himself is love, so when you are blessed with a woman who embodies love, you should not underestimate that blessing. Every godly man deserves a woman who loves God. So if you are a man reading this, be godly yourself, and you will attract godly women.


So tell me, is there anything else you would rather see in a woman that I have not listed?

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