dangers of not having sex before marriage

The dangers of NOT having sex before marriage

We have all gotten used to the moral talks of abstinence before marriage and the dangers of having premarital sex. That is not a bad thing, but considering the number of people who flout this moral order, and the others who seem to cry foul after abstaining, it then becomes important to look at the flip side of this issue; the dangers of not having sex before marriage.

In our Social Sojourn around the internet, looking for influencers who have something interesting to share about life, relationships and marriage, we came across this interesting topic from Gabriel Sui-Generis who dabbled into the inherent dangers of not having sex before marriage. It’s quite thought-provoking, so we thought you should have a peek at it.

Read the full text after the image below:

Dangers of NOT having sex before marriage

Sex before marriage is wrong. But then, there is a whole lots that hasn’t been addressed too in what I term “The Dangers Of Abstaining.”
Sex is a Life of its own in a ‘Marriage Life’, in which if there is a bend, can impair a whole lot in a marriage!
It is good advocating ‘Abstinence’. But, what about the otherside?
I mean…..lots of men have silently resolved into masturbation, all because their wives unfortunately turned out to be the type who practically has no ‘libido’.
Some men have been unlucky to tie the knot with another man who they thought was a woman.
Some ladies also got the kind of men who will never satisfy their sexual urges.
What about men who have wives who have lost their wombs? And women with impotent men?!
I mean….the list is endless!
While abstinence is good and advisable, what then should be the way out not missing out ‘In a fulfilled Sex life?’


What do you think about this?

According to Iam Grenard, a commenter on this particular post, “Some people religiously, psychologically, and biologically abstain from sex before marriage.”  At the end of the day, these people have little or no knowledge about sex. They rely on intuition and that may just not be enough to derive sexual fulfilment in marriage, especially if you are dealing with a partner having high libido.

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Our submission is this; Sex before Marriage is never encouraged, but while you are abstaining physically, it is important to not abstain from seeking knowledge about it. Do not abstain from talking about it, finding out about it from your partner, seeking counselling and attending seminars. That way, you just might limit your chances of having a frustrating sexual life in marriage.

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  1. ayobami ogedengbe

    Nice comment by Iam Grenard. Seeking knowledge about it is the key. And even for partners who are experiencing frustration in their sex life, It can be corrected if they seek help.

  2. Nice and brief and properly tackled.

  3. Thanks Moe. We appreciate this.

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